10 November 2011

better butter

This is Kerry Gold Butter - 
It has Garlic and Herbs!
It's very good... Imported from Ireland... 
The "gold standard" of butter!
It comes from grass-fed cows.
So that's a plus!

I made some - kinda sorta!
Took some butter.
Melted it nicely.
Added powdered - not salted - garlic.
Added some chives.
Added some onion powder.
Added some Herbs de Province!
Just a hint. 
And some dried parsley flakes.

These could be made in advance 
and kept on hand for almost any kind of dish.
One with dill - for fish dishes! (Thanks, Shannon)

It is great to cook with!
It can be served with food.

Oh - and did I mention, 
It's good!!!
Not exactly Kerry Gold.
But good!


  1. You can also make your own butter with an empty jar and a pint of heavy cream. Pour it in the jar, shake it forever or until your arms feel sore, and when the lump starts slapping around inside the jar, you're done. :-) Probably takes under a half hour and is a nice little workout as well.

  2. Janis - GREAT idea! I'm going to try that!

  3. I use Kerrygold butter and Purity Farms ghee. I love my eggs cooked in real butter! I put butter on hubbies organic veggies when I don't use EVOO. Good fats!

  4. Oh, now I wanna make cream in the shake-it-up exercise method. :D

  5. Oops, I mean make BUTTER. It's late. Sowwy.


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