22 November 2011


I rendered some fat.
Mine, and some animal fat!
This is a pork jowl.

"Schmaltz" is a real word...
It's a name for rendered animal fat! (link)

Looks like bacon, doesn't it?

Cut it up, put it in a cast iron Dutch Oven,
And two hours later - I have a great oil for cooking!
I'm in a rendering mood lately!

Maybe I'll fry some green beans in some !
That should be good. Mmm....
Gotta get up pretty oily in the morning to render fats.
It does take some time!

Hope your day is awesome!


  1. Ummm, I guess I have to concede that "Schmalz" is of German origin and applies to pig fat, but it is most often used in its Yiddush context in this country--and most decidedly does not refer to PORK fat/lard.

    Chicken schmalz is amazing stuff, you should try it sometime. Chopped chicken liver is it's most common use, but try it in egg salad with fried onions--to die for! Or cook with it like any other oil.

    Boy do I regret all these years I thought it was unhealthy and substituted PUFA's instead! We're collecting bits of chicken skin and fat in the freezer to make it now. Life has come full circle from the time my mom and grandma would render it and give me the "gribenes" (cracklings) to snack on.

  2. You do so many interesting things.

  3. Hi Anne. Wow....that looks EXACTLY like bacon. Which is a DARN fine product! Have a great day!!!

  4. Good Mooo-ning!
    Ummm... I checked the link. (Hard to do with just a hoof.) And I was UTTERLY amazed to find that is really IS about rendered fats of any kind. Schmaltzy - indeed!
    But no comment on the "Tallow" post.... I hope you understand.


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