18 November 2011


The quaint little road - and creek
 where I bought the beef and bison

My hair grows super fast!
 I just can't stand that shaggy look.

Tried this Honey Boy Red Salmon.
It didn't look like bait.
It was more like small amount of flaked salmon
I prefer to add my own salt.
But hey! This was good.
Plus the can is painted black.
That's kinda neat.

Added dill butter and a few cranberries.
The berries were soaked in orange extract and truvia.
I am taking a splenda break for a day or two.

Wish you could have been there.
Bright blue skies... a crisp Autumn day...
A pleasant ride in the deep country...
Bright orange, yellow, and red trees!
And fields and fields of cows grazing on grass.

Hope your day is great!


  1. I have some Cajun seasoned salmon that I picked up at the market yesterday. I will let you know how it is when I try it tonight. Yay for omega 3s.

  2. Great looking salmon!

    The last picture of the tree is MAGNIFICENT!

  3. Beeyoutiful!

    I went to college in Denton (TWU) and the autumn was so beautiful there.

    If you've been to Paris, next you have to go to Krum. Just to say you have. ;o)

  4. The salmon and butter/cranberries looks... ikk! But if you say it was nice, I believe ya!
    GORGEOUS tree photo.

  5. The top picture reminds me of rural Australia. Love the brilliant blue skies!

  6. Oh my, the last pic is a stunner. Looks like you took it from the inside out, if you get my drift. I'm working on that epic "Time" post we talked about, and it's almost ready.. or.. it's already done, or, you know what I mean, Miss Course In Miracles-ette!

    Lots of new changes over in The Natural World. Beautiful ones. Transformational ones. 35 years of cycle ending and a new one beginning right in front of my eyes... and deep in my soul.

  7. Hi Anne, I thought about you several times today! I was at the Long Beach Aquarium and remembered how much I enjoyed meeting you there 2 years ago. Wish you could have been there too.

    I'm off to Ohio for Thanksgiving. I'll be back next weekend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo jj


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