25 November 2011

facebook - back at it

Now that the foodie's official holiday is done,
We can get back to business

Speaking of squats... someone said I was getting a 
"Friday Night Butt" from all the squats
and posture moves!

And get ready for what lies beyond!

A 250 pound person and a 125 pound person
And thanks, FaceBook , for all the great pics!
Shopping today? Work?


  1. I like the second one the best...I'm not there yet but closer then I was yesterday....YEAH!!! Also that last one, WOW, I mean WOW!!
    Have a great day Anne. Work for me but more play work today. I can handle that. Blessings my friend!!

  2. Love the squatting baby! What is a "Friday Night Butt?"

  3. That would be a butt that is nice and round and sticks out
    just a little - ready for whatever Friday night might bring!
    In my case, more squats. They gym kind.

  4. LOVE! Yes, love the 2nd one & the excuses one, I am sure hits home with more people than we want it to! ;-)

    Hey, good for that butt! :-)

  5. I came with a "Friday Night Butt" attached...no squats required!


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