01 November 2011

day of the dead

All these images were googled -
They are so iconic that they identify the place at a glance.
Here's a Hop Scotch of Places - a feast for the eyes.


In Hospice, we say "Every Day Is A Gift."
But it never felt like this for me... till lately.
And it's not just weight-loss.
It's all around better health!

So instead of lamenting my plight in Dallas
(I love Dallas  - but REALLY now -
What IS there to do here? Just axing?)

 So, I came up with a 10 year plan..
(Or longer)
I think it would be great to visit these places -
And maybe even take a working vacation!
Maybe take 3 months and just work 
as a Nurse - here or there!

What kind of places?
Alaska - Pacific Northwest - Maine
Hawaii - Outback
Yellowstone - So Cal - Grand Canyon
New Orleans - Colorado
New York - Canadian Rockies - Zion
Yosemite - Pennsylvania
Niagara Falls - Yukon - Redwood Forests
In no particular order.

How's that for a Bucket List?!


  1. I think the two folks at the top might have taken their DIEt a little too far..

  2. Pooksie - maybe they were just from the LoFat camp -
    And diet from lack of Essential Fatty Acids...and yumminess!
    May they Rest In Peace! ;D

  3. You think there is nothing to do in Dallas, you should try living 2.5 hours north of Dallas, in "one redlight town, Oklahoma"! We go to Dallas or OKC for something to do!;) LOL

  4. Sounds like an amazing plan. Something I've talked about someday when the kids are gone....locums all over the place!

  5. I think it's a great plan and we'd get to live it with you. Well, sort of. :)

  6. Caron - eggactly!
    I love blogging... and I want to blog all about it!
    As long as "they" have it, I will blog it!
    I'm actually getting pretty excited about it!

  7. Dang, Anne, you don't want to come to Nebraska? Ha.

    It is a good bucket list, and a worthy plan to use your knowledge and experience to work a temp job and move one to do the temp work in another state. You may find a particular place you know will be "home" for you.

  8. I say go for it!! On my bucket list? To visit Texas :)

  9. I shall fly a Canadian flag to let all the Canadian Bloggers I know
    they are always welcome here. And I would be personally insulted
    if someone from Blog Town came to Dallas, and did not look me up!

  10. Chase those dreams Anne...you don't want to kick the bucket while waiting to check them off your list.

  11. I miss the warm sunshine of Oz--so, I say, go and see these places. Life is too short. You will meet so many amazing people. :-)


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