01 November 2011

awesome autumn walking weather

Looks like CrossFit

The weather here has been wonderful - 
Everyone is happy and jumping all around!
Fall lasts about 2 weeks here in North Texas.
Not kidding. It's short. Sad Smiley Face short.

Walked two miles with no problem....
Even jogged a wee little bit....

Been loving the raw-egg egg-nog...
It's like I've waited all my life for this
to complete me. I guess I needed it.
I super sized it - up to 3 eggs. 
4 if they are small.

Back to one meal a day and the protein.
It works well for me!
Hope your day is going great!


  1. Isn't it a great time of year to work out :)

  2. Hey Anne, How are you! I've missed you and hope I'm finally back in the swing of things in blogland. Looks like you've been busy! I like you Bucket List from a few posts back and the wheat thing-- I just got the book TechnoBabe's and her husband suggested "Wheat Belly". Nt sure I can go totally without, but I'm going to read and learn more about it.

    Texas is looking very pretty these days. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

    xoxo jj

  3. Love the nice weather---its very cold in my neck of the woods..currently 38 F. Thanks for the inspiration...love the views from Texas.

  4. I'm sorry you only have fall for a short time. Before my depression took a turn for the worse fall was one of my favorite seasons. It is gorgeous around here with the leave changing colors. Of course, it is almost over now. Enjoy your short little fall while you can. I bet it is a welcome relief from the heat.

  5. Very pleasant pictures. Your area is lovely.

  6. This is the SMU area - Highland Park...
    Awesome houses - lots to look at!
    They are building the Bush Presidential Library
    right down this street


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