30 November 2011

paleo blonde

Here's a typical day for me .. since a few people have asked!

Eggs raw, or poached and smeared with KerryGold Butter
Maybe some cheese - maybe not
Maybe some bacon - maybe not
Coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream
Trying to cut out the Splenda... or keep it down to a dull roar.
No more than 2 packets a day.

I tried to - and did - give up coffee a few times.
All I did was "prove" that I could do it.
Went back. That's ok!
I cut back one day a week or so.
Try to get more tea on those days.

My diet is pretty high in fat.
Some days more than other.
It's a high(er) fat /lo carb diet for sure.
But not a crazy one!
Maybe all those previous cravings for fats 
were just missing micro-nutrients!!

Try to get some work out in everyday.
Stretching, at a minimum.
CrossFit twice a week.
Walking is a daily goal... not always met!
No need to add another OCD behaviour to my repertoire!
I take it easy and do as much as I can.
I'm learning when to "push it" and when to stay good.
Bodies love to move and play!
It was a great day when fitness stopped being a chore -
and became something I looked forward to!

Protein shake for at least one meal a day.
Still for my weight loss phases.
And the convenience of taking it to work! 

is something cooked. In the summer in Texas - it is sometimes
too hot to cook! So somedays I have 2 protein shakes a day.
They are meal replacements for me. Complete. 

Here's some yummy grass-fed beef. 
Sometimes it's grain-fed. 
Sometimes with cheese - mostly not.
Some bacon-wrapped asparagus.
Canned Salmon or Mackerel.
Chicken - not so much - after I studied the Omega 6's!
Some pork, but not so much the salty stuff.
Trying to keep those down to a dull roar.

Here's some fresh/frozen Salmon. 
 I have fish 6 days a week.
I do take the cod liver oil every day...
as part of my 100 days of fish.
Some salad - easy on the N6 dressing!
Some veggies - not too starchy, please!
Green Beans, Peppers, Summer Squash, Spinach,
Avocados, Tomatos, Onions, Cauliflower...

My veggie selection reads like an Atkins primer.
Nuts are mostly "off" after I learned about the Omega 6
and inflammation properties! And of course, no grains.

is not all work and no play!
I like the starchy veggies... sweet potatoes and butternut squash.
And some berries - seen here with Heavy Whipping Cream!
I am learning that fats and carbs don't play nice together.
So on days I have a little more starch or berries,
I lay off the fats and butter. (link)
Seems you can pick 2 - fat, protein, and carbs.
But not all 3. At least not at once.

"Paleo Blonde"
Kinda sums it all up for me right now.
Food is part of a lifestyle of health.
Fitness is part of health.
Is 100% compliance even possible?
Someone, somewhere would debate even that.

We have environmental toxins all around us.
No one would debate that!
There are probably blogs devoted to the dangers of soap!
(Much less - hair dye!)
So I try to keep it between the lines...
Still with one foot in each world.
The wholesome, natural, organic world...
and the "real" world of "compromise."
The difference is - I no longer have one foot in the grave!
Mostly I try to eat clean. Live clean!
But I don't demand 100%  -- all the time.

Thanks for reading!


  1. AWESOME - Thanks for sharing a typical days menu with us! Curious minds want to know!

  2. Food looks great, Anne. Thanks for the glimpse into your day. I am trying to follow in your footsteps but right now my willpower is limited. The carbs are dragging me into carb hell.

  3. Very interesting, and delicious! Can you list what other inflammatory foods you are avoiding sometime?

  4. Very cool I was also wondering!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Your food always looks so delicious! (well, except for the poor little mackerel). ;-)

  6. Very interesting! :-) We are opposite in the way we approach food but isn't that what it is all about - finding what works for us! :-) I do eat more protein than other women due to my weight lifting & also with age, I have had to adjust the % protein, carbs, fat to work with the hormones & types of carbs I eat. I still enjoy but I definitely have to be a lot more careful than when I was in my 40's & younger!

    Curiosity - does your blood work always come out good with this food plan? Curiosity only! :-)

  7. Course it is all good!
    As A Nurse - I wouldn't stay on Atkins/Pratkins/ LoCarb
    if I didn't have all the faith and trust in the world!


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