21 November 2011

endo cart itis

Hospitality and Hospital share a root word! 
Hope your day is going great!


  1. Yikeroos! How did you discretely take all these pics of people's carts??? Hahahaha

  2. I can remember when some of that stuff ended up in my cart, bleh. And I felt just like that woman hanging on to her cart to bend down and get her items - carb-loaded!

  3. Heehee - I used discreet discretion for sure.
    Almost got busted a time or too.
    Pretended to be texting!

  4. My carts used to look like those. Now they are loaded with meat and veggies. Of course, I do have to keep an eye on what the others bring into the house.

  5. Yikes,who knew that potato chips were so popular?


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