13 November 2011

lox to love

She tried to give me carbs!!

Got this instead

Lox  - Salmon 
Smoked and sliced thin...with cream cheese,
onions, capers and dill!
No bagel for me, thanks!
This is Sockeye Salmon... aka Red Salmon.
Compared to a Pink Salmon,
They eat more krill, and have this red color!

Salad things

A Pink Pearl Apple... PINK inside!

An awesome salad and hamburger patty!

Broody skies for a happy birthday! Yesterday!
I worked all day ... but/and it was a great day!
Thanks again for everyone who checked on me!


  1. So happy that it was a great day for you. I see you and James have both managed to have a grain free birthdays (aka no cake for you) and live to tell the tale!

    I am going to have a grain free birthday this year too.

  2. The apple caught my eye. I have never seen that before. :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! That is very red salmon. Wow! And, very broody skies!

  4. Happy belated birthday! I love lox, especially like you are showing it. Yum!

  5. So glad you had a good day yesterday. I hope today is just as good. Food looks wonderful. Love the photos.

  6. Great food for a wonderfull birthday girl :)

  7. Happy B-Day! Nom nom...classic lox plate...making me salivate.


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