20 November 2011

carrying on

Well, the 100 Days of Omega 3's continue!
After about 2 weeks I finally developed the enzymes 
to handle the fish. Cuz while I DO still eat beef, 
(not so much chicken) my diet is mostly 
oily - type fish.


I've talked to a few Nurses and Doctors
about my little experiment -
They said "Cool!"

The truth is we have alot of data on the Omegas.
But no one really knows what it means.
So - who knows!
It's been a month since I started my little quest.

"Cool!"  is much better than "WTF?"
Or "Huh?" or "Why?"
Which is the usual response I get when I tell people
that I'm on a kind of Atkins diet.... LoCarb..
(Despite all the weight I've lost -
And am keeping off - all this time!)

Looks like a great day for rain!
Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Keep on fishing!!! Lovely sunset!

  2. Some peoples attitudes still amaze me! Even when shown the cold hard fats! Oh, I mean facts :)

  3. fish has always been one of my least favorite foods mostly because I just don't know how to prepare it. I throw salmon in the oven or open a can of tuna just fine. I can make a salmon patty from canned salmon too. That's about it. Mr. Zug does a fine job of frying up and grilling up fish, but ... but... them there gots eyeballs staring back at me.....

    ...... He says, "You're sooooo American"


  4. LOL. Atkins. LOL The HORROR! Poor slimmer Tripper...lol

    Ate fish last night. I really outdid myself. 3 people bowed out of it and had HOT DOGs if you call recently turned adults people lol.


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