11 November 2011

veteran's day

I rode to work in one of these every day!

The casualties were transported by these...
Just like in M*A*S*H

I worked in a General Hospital.
But we ended up in these alot!

It doesn't seem like 20 years have gone by!
Since the First Gulf War, that is...

I can at least say I can get into my uniform - now!

Always a row of these

Always a row of these

Hope your Veteran's Day is great!
Don't ever ever ever ever give up!


  1. Amen. Thank you. God bless our troops.

  2. I am echoing Christine with another "Amen."

  3. Happy Veteran's Day, Anne. Thanks bunches and bunches!!!

  4. Thank you, Anne. I didn't know you are a veteran. I appreciate all you did during that time. You should be very proud. I'm glad to know you.

  5. I LOVE those old pics of you in uniform. Thank you for your service!

  6. Happy Veterans Day, Anne, and THANK YOU!

  7. I am echoing everyone else. I had no idea you were a Veteran. Thank you so much for what you did for us.


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