11 November 2011

poached eggs and dill butter

Take some eggs.
I poached them in this Bain Marie / skillet.
Very shallow.
More surface area. 
Kept "basting" the eggs with the water.
Which could also be infused with spices!

Poured off the water -
Instead of scooped out the eggs.
I actually picked them up with tongs.
Don't eat the crusty parts - in between the eggs.

Then "plated" the poached egg goodness,
and served with dill-infused butter.

Melted butter with dill and garlic and onion.
And a bit of Celtic Sea Salt.

It was yummy!
And easy to make.

Happy 11.11.11 Day!


  1. Yum....technically, I think those are actually "Basted Eggs", but either way they look yummy and I'm wishing I had them sitting in front of me! I think the other half may have to suffer through my poached eggs again this weekend (he doesn't like the texture).

  2. I'm a Newbie to the Kitchen...
    "Basted" is probably correct!
    I just didn't have a pan the right size is all!

  3. That looks so good, Anne! I love eggs and had poached eggs today but I cheated and used my microwave egg poacher. You way looks better.

  4. I've never had a poached egg....or "basted". Looks totally YUMMY!

  5. I make poached eggs in boiling water. I like my egg yolk hard and hubby want his egg yolks soft so I put mine in first. I will try the dill next time. I use fresh parsley and pepper usually now. I think it is a help that you show the pictures of how you prepare things. It might give others something to try.

  6. 4 eggs! That is a lot for one meal. Looks nice though.

  7. I love dill and those eggs look delicious! Did you use fresh or dried dill? Even though the weather has turned cold, I still have some fresh dill outside.

  8. I was just browsing blogs and when I saw dill AND poached eggs, I had to look. Looks fabulous!


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