27 November 2011

watermelon watermelon

Watermelon, Watermelon,
Fructose Pie.
Kiss the Fatties,
And make them cry!

Now, I am no prude.
I eat a brownie or some jelly bean
from time to time.
Remember - I'm President of the D.A. club! (link)

But now, not so much.
Once I learned about Fructose, 
I kinda changed my dumb-ass ways!
If we really knew what certain food did to us
or for us - we would change.

Look at these stats on Watermelon.
LOOK at them!!
Almost 9 grams of Fructose.
And a good amount of Sucrose, as well.
This is for 1/16 of a melon.
You and me - we could eat - 2 of these portions?
3 of them? 4?
Maybe not at once, but throughout the day?

Portion size  - that's another story for another day.
5 serving of fruit.. it's not a crime when it's done right.
Like so many other things in life.

15 grapes.
1 small apple
1/2 cup of fruit juice
6 brussels sprouts
1 roma tomato

NOT unlimited fruits and veggies..
Not as much as you can cram in!
But - I digress!

Watermelon is a fave of many.
But it might not be a true friend.
The science tells the real story.

Why, then is watermelon "ok" 
on the Glycemic Index and Load?
And all that other so-called "medical" stuff?

Watermelon's stats -
Good for weight loss? Really?

Watermelon scores low on the Index,
Because the glycemic index works more with blood glucose
levels. Glucose levels. Not so much insulin levels.
So if your metabolism is out of whack from 
"Diabestiy" or worse, then these numbers 
aren't always your numbers. They are just a guide.

Most fruits an veggies have a smaller index,
where as bread and pastas have a higher one.
Fructose is also low on the Glycemic Index because it does not 
involve the standard sugars metabolism....
Fructose goes to the liver to be digested.

The Glycemic LOAD is just the Glycemic Index-
that has now been standardized.
Standardized to a portion size of 100 grams.

Which is carb has a higher impact on blood sugar - 
100 grams of lettuce?
Or 100 grams of ice cream?
You get it! Of course!

So yeah.
Watermelon has only 22 carbs.
BUT it's the quality of the carbs that count.
And since Fructose is not digested well,
it's not a good quality carb for our bodies!

Compare that to berries.
Take Blackberries, for example.
Dr Atkins loved berries.
Said they were a great little fruit.
Here's a cup of berries.
One Cup! More than you might eat 
in one sitting.
7 net carbs.
3 grams of Fructose.
Pretty low.
And berries are pretty amazing when you add some cream!

Compare the fructose level of berries to that of watermelon.
Watermelon has about 3 times the Fructose per serving!

Love the learning curve up in here! (link)
We are all learning together! 
Hope this helps!


  1. it seems to always be a learning curve here too.
    just when I think Ive hit the straight--IT CURVES!!

  2. No wonder...Hm I love watermelon but after reading this I might dial back my consumption! Anyone else wondering what a typical day is like food wise for Anne!? I've tried low carb but it has always wreaked havoc in my digestive system (sparing you the detail). My mom was diabetic and I'm trying to avoid that path. Atkins worked for her in the day. Lisa

  3. I will continue leaving the watermelon alone. Right now the only fruit I am getting is in my Greek Yogurt. I use Chobani Brand. I will be checking out the fructose levels to compare to your guides. Thanks for the great info.

  4. Thankfully, I'm not a watermelon kinda guy anyway. But since they were on sale, we did buy blackberries recently...even juiced them up with some other veggies...worked out great.

  5. I know there are a few bloggers who SWORE by the stuff in the summer. Where are they now - is anyone's guess. WHY can't *he* read this - and learn maybe why it's NOT the perfect food! There. I said it.
    Great info, CT - Thanks!

  6. Hmmm.. I'm not sure I understand this fully, but I don't see the problem. I think I'll stick to my delicious watermelon. ;)

  7. I'm slowly understanding this!


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