04 November 2011

what is not to like?


I do love my protein shake.
This is a mix of isolated and concentrated whey.
So I'm not a total purist.
Still, my diet is about 90% (or more) non-processed.

Kinda looks like a healthy diet,
if you ask me. Oh, by the way.....
It's all LoCarb! 
So it doubles as a weight-loss diet!

Did I mention that?

Cleaned out some more of the Mac hard drive.
Plus, I deleted my trash folded in iPhoto.
Did you know you could do that?
Gave me 10 GB back of space.
I tend to take a lot of pics.

How's your day going?
Great, I hope!


  1. Great photos as always, Anne. The day is going well so far. I just started it though. Going out to pick up some groceries later. The cupboards are getting bare.

  2. My day is going great--thanks for asking! I hope your day rocks!

    Re: protein shakes----I'm a fan of them ;)

  3. It all looks so delicious!!! And you are cute too!


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