09 November 2011

dried cranberries

Take some berries - 

Cran, Straw, Blue, Black, or Rasp.

I used fresh last time.... frozen this time.
Put them in a food dehydrator....
Someone said to use non-stick cooking spray...
Probably a good idea - this is a mess!

This is the basic off-the-shelf model.... $40 range.
If you like a lot of jerky, it might be worth looking in to!
Especially with the cost of beef jerky at around 6 - 10 bucks a package.
Plus if you make your own, you don't have all the "nasty chemicals!"

And you can add whatever you wish to yours.
You could soak the berries in Grand Marnier - for example!
Mix up all kinds of flavours.

Dried strawberries.... from frozen!

I soaked some of these cranberries in 
Orange Extract - with Splenda added.
They are turning out like little raisins!

I put them in salads... but these don't have 
all the extra sugars and additives!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. yeah, I'm putting one of these on my Amazon withlist. I used to make deer jerky when I lived with hunters. So good.

  2. They look delicious. I would have to hide the rest after sprinkling a few on a salad..they look tooooo good

  3. You are ambitious Anne, unless you're sending me some of yours I'll probably just continue to buy the not as good ones out of the bag lol.

  4. Those cranberries look scrumptious. You always have the best food ideas. Have a great day yourself.

  5. Hey Anne! I line the trays of my dehydrator with baking parchment paper before drying fruit...easier cleanup for sure.

    I love love love the idea of drying my own cranberries sans sugar. Why didn't I think of that before?

  6. Angela Pea- maybe for the same reason
    I didn't think of using parchment paper!


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