14 November 2011

eskimo ice cream

And then, there's this...  "Akutaq" (link)
or "Agutuk" (link)
Eskimo Ice Cream

Take some berries

All kinds, any kind...

I soaked these cranberries in splenda and orange extract -
They were just right!

Mix it with Salmon (one can, drained)
This was a small can of Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon.
You could also use a pouch of salmon.

Recipe calls for seal oil. 
Turns out, I'm fresh out of seal oil.
So I used butter.
Half a stick. But it could have used more!

Behold - Eskimo Ice Cream!
It was good - really good!
I love it so much, I asked for it on my birthday - instead of cake!

A lovely flower to go with !!!


  1. This is something that doesn't quite appeal to me. I don't know how that combination would work but if you say it was good I will trust you. I might get brave and try it once I am stocked on primarian foods in the kitchen.

  2. DANG! Not a very popular post!
    It's really good!

  3. This is my Akutaq recipe
    -Potato Flakes
    -Tundra berries or store baught


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