06 November 2011

fish post

That's what I bought.
Also bought some mackerel. Two kinds.
Seemed innocent enough!

Well, the Sardines had skin on them.
Which is fine for them. But not so much for me.
And they were kinda smokey.
Not so good.

And the anchovies. Very salty.
My body did not like them.
So I'd better not be giving the poor thing any more anchovies.
Maybe in some dressing. But not just on a fork.

Made Salmon (canned) salad
Like you would make tuna salad.
And packed it in these little to-go containers!

Also, made some brewed coffee.
Packed it up in little Thermos-es-es.
To keep it warm. I like coffee at about 4 pm
To make I stay awake for my long drive home.

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. sardines are better in mustard or hot sauce just to let u know. Told ya the anchovies were VERY salty, u need to use those very respectfully!! Dont know anything about kippers and have made salmon salad before and love it on whole grain crackers

  2. Dawn - thanks!
    The anchovies actually made me a little ill.
    Just a wee bit. But everything else made up for that!

  3. tried these ONCE.
    never again :)

  4. UGH!!! That fish. I just stick with the stuff I catch, bass, northern, crappie and sunnies. In fact have a bag of them to thraw and seperate and get to eating.
    Have a great day Anne. Blessings!!

  5. The canned stuff is just too salty for my taste and way too much sodium for my precious body. The salmon made like tuna salad does sound good. I tend to forget about salmon in the can. I will check it out today at the store.

  6. I am thinking that I will give the sardines another try in a recipe of some kind. I don't think I would like anchovies because I don't do salty. Even after my last experience with sardines, I find I am craving them again. The skin doesn't bother me.

  7. Sorry the anchovies made you feel ill. Yikes!! They might be better as a sauce or mixed with other stuff...or okay to give up, since you have so many other fish options. :-)

  8. A couple days ago I made some salmon patties, and they turned out the best ever, my new favorite. I'm wondering if you could use up some of those strong canned fishies in a pattie type recipe... to sort of disguise it and tone down the flavor/saltiness.

    Funny... my hubby detests fish skin. Me, the skin from a salmon is the tastiest part. :-)

  9. Fish is so good when it's dipped in batter and fried then served with fries. OK, tasty but not good for the body.

    Good for you trying new things! You're a bit more adventurous than I. ;)

  10. None of these are for me...except canned salmon. The rest scare me!

  11. You are a braver woman than me-- No sardines for me. Ever. bUt the salmon salad sounds great.
    xoxo jj

  12. Fish heads. Fish heads. Rolly polly fish heads. Fish heads. Fish heads. Eat them up. Yum!


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