01 June 2011

nothing happened

On this site in 1897
Nothing Happened!

Shrimp, snow peas, broccoli pasta-
throw out the pasta and go for it!

My cleaning jag continues - even to Trucky.
Found a ton a Carmex!

Baby Mac has a cord issue
on again - off again!

Still loving iced tea - 
This is Irish Breakfast Tea.... super strong!

Hamburger - cheese - egg scramble with 
chipotle hot sauce

Any questions?
Didn't think so!

Hope your day is carb-a-lishous!


  1. You are a neat freak! :) And that plaque is so cool. "Nothing happened." I wonder what they wanted to happen. heh.

    Now, I have a jones for chorizo egg scramble. I can't wait to get up and have that. :)

  2. I think I'll have it again today, too!
    Neat freak and workout animal.
    Riiiiight! ;D

  3. I see resistance bands in the background. Do you use them? I used to exercise with those. That was fun. Unless one snapped out of my hand, that is.

  4. "nothing happended" .... very funny.

  5. LOOOVE that you take self portrait pics the same way I do :)

  6. I turn the pic around so the letters read the right way!
    And the resistance bands - yes!
    I mostly use the little round cords with handles,
    and not the wide flat ones - I take those to work with me.
    They travel well!

  7. That shrimp dish looks wonderful. I wonder why someone bothered with a cornerstone where nothing happened. That is so odd.
    Wishing you a lovely day.:)

  8. Love the sign. Must get one. :)

    Yum foods. Love seeing pics of your day.

  9. I am a Carmax hoarder., too. Can't live without that stuff.

  10. The sign - I saw it on a walk in a rather fancy part of town....
    Good to know people still have a sense of humor!

    In the first Gulf War, I asked everyone to send Carmex.
    My first love! since I drink water all the time now, I use less!
    Hmmmm. Wonder if there's a connection! (lol)

  11. They must have created the plaque the year after nothing happened. Else all the worry that maybe something would happen and ruin their plaque! Poor baby Mac. Maybe he needs a big brother. :)

  12. One of my pet peeves is dry crusty lips LOL!!! I must must must have various lip products and agree, Carmex is awesome :-)

  13. That workout Animal pic looks like you were having fun!

  14. Loretta - I've been in a great mood lately!
    Must be the ketones and endorphins!

  15. I need to get into a cleaning jag ... I cleaned my desk and the floor around it. That was something.

  16. You are sounding so good. Healthy. Strong. Productive. Yay for you.

  17. When I am GF I no longer need to moisturize my lips every 20 minutes...wonderful side effect...I think gluten sucks all the moisture out of me.

    ANIMAL!!! Love!

  18. Yep - probably makes glue inside us!
    Gluten = glue?? Just askin'!!

  19. Ditch everything but the shrimp!!! I like Blistex in the little blue pot!!

  20. I tried to watch Fat Head last night and Netflix was being a pain, I will try again tonight

    I think there are Gremlins living in my electronic devices as of late :)

    Karla @ www.myweightin2010.blogspot.com


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