08 June 2011

day off

Two yummy fried eggs

Hamburger with grilled onions and sf bbq

Awesome salad - not from a bag...
with Pork Rinds for croutons!

Had a ton of water, tea, one coffee with cream,
and one protein mix. It was great!

Went to my Medical Message for my
rotator cuff and frozen shoulder injury.
The rib that was bruised or broken (in my fall)
hurt so bad, I actually cried - and the poor guy
had to stop. Wimp that I am. MyoFascial Release 
is not an easy treatment! 

Went to CrossFit tonight, 
and did a Functional Movement Screening (link).
Don't think I scored too high.
But that's ok. It's not about that.
This was more of a diagnostic test.
Or maybe for me - agnostic. lol.
I just don't know.

This is the same test the NFL uses to
determine the agility, etc of the players.
So I was happy to do any of the movements!

Hope your day is fantastic!


  1. I have a bad ankle, two crap knees (one crunchy with arthritis, one snaps and jams with a torn ACL), and bursitis in one shoulder and both of them stiff from years of immobility due to being 1. encased in masses of fat (still somewhat encased) and 2. sedentary lifestyle. But I am improving even with shoulder mobility (I can straighten my arms above my head, which I couldn't 2 years ago; I can get in triceps dip position, which I couldn't 1 year ago.) Exercise is rehab. :D

    Food looks so delicious (except the pork rinds don't call to me). I am C uban, so I grew up eating chicharonnes on certain occasions (the pork rinds fried with some pork meat bits still attached). They are really salty and really tasty! But I only have a bit about 1x every 2 years. ; ) They slightly scare me, I think. hah. Not as much as my mom eating roast pigs' ears.

    Anyway, I hope we both can continue to improve in our mobility, flexibility,stength and all that good stuff.

    Nitey, sweet A!

  2. Oh, and stiff achy hips. I'm guessing some joint damage from the morbid obesity. Stretching helps like mad...walking, too.


  3. cross fit?
    we need a post all all all about your thoughts :)

  4. I like poached eggs or hard boiled eggs best but I do like a fried egg sandwich occasionally. I cannot look at an uncooked yolk. Silly, isn't it? Growing up I was like that too and it irritated my mother so much.

  5. I think this one is kinda neat
    because it almost looks like a heart!

  6. sorry to hear about your poor rib!!! hope you have a great day too!

  7. A fabulous day to you too, Anne. That burger look tremendous. I never thought of using pork skins as croutons but that is a great idea and one that I intend to try very soon. :)

  8. Is that purple thingie a foot massager?
    I hope your injuries heal up soon, I didn't realize they were still that ouchie. :-(


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