24 June 2011

summer things

Small towns and summer skies

Must be summer -

Breakfast in America

Got Lies?  We can help.

Sugar Free Fro Yo from my fave guys

A Nurse's check up - 106/56 pulse 68

Got blood work done today...
Didn't get a "before" on this one- 
But with over 10 gallons of fat on me,
My guess is - it wasn't stellar...

Still loving Les Mis - 
It might be the most profound thing I have heard...
But then again I say that about all the new musicals I hear!

CrossFit was great tonight. 
It's maybe getting a wee bit easier!

Ate a hecka good salad tonight.
Food tastes so good when you are really hungry!
Hope your day is awesome!


  1. You look a lot happier at the Dr's than i was today :)

  2. hunger is the best spice. And how can they help you if you have lies? Just wondering. maybe a notebook to keep them all straight. lol.

  3. Who is the person with the pills for breakfast?

  4. Just a little ol' granny!
    One of a million - who takes a fistful of meds.

  5. That pile of pills looks a lot like my daily breakfast-- Once you're done taking them there's no room left for food. Oy.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for good blood results.

    And Les Miz-- Love that one too.

    Have a happy weekend Anne. xo jj

  6. Got a chuckle outta the 'Got Lies? We can help" :-D

  7. I'm pondering the "Roach Feed" sign. Seriously? Purina chow for roaches? ha ha ha

  8. Summertime = SF froyo! Yippee!

  9. Lots of people will resonate with Hell-o-meter!

  10. Wonder how the lies business is doing?

  11. Les Mis is my favorite musical of all time. I'm glad you enjoy it too!


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