29 June 2011

rib day

Today I had my last of 4 rib sessions
at my Medical Message

I celebrated with ribs, of course!

A quaint little BBQ place  - right by my apartment!

Some ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket.

This is the flattering pose for core work!
At CrossFit....spine supported on a foam roller...
keep your balance while "marching"

And don't forget to drink your water!

A wee little warm and muggy night...

Hope your day is wonderful!
Happy, happy,  joy,  joy!


  1. mmmm....... bbq!
    do they make bbq bacon -
    just asking!

  2. mmm...pork. lol. Looks like a good day.

  3. Why, thank you!
    Indeed, I am!

  4. Never liked water much until I got serious with getting healthy. Now I chuck-a-lug all day long.

    Thanks for all your comments and encouragement these past couple of days. We are doing this!

  5. That core work looks tough. I need to get back to my core training. I've been negligent lately. I'm going to make it back to the exercise room if it kills me. Love the ribs. Hoping to go out for some tomorrow night. We didn't get to keep our date last week.

  6. Oh my I love ribs!! I really need to get one of those foam rollers


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