23 June 2011

market street

Chim chiminea charoo

It's like a street and a market

Drunk Ass Cows

Super Tragedy

Super Shopper

Pizza Fire Oven

Resting in the Rest Room

Back at home, Mooya IceBurger strikes again

And then, there's this!
Mine is the one without the Angel Food Cake!

Hope you are having a great day!!
Safe Snacks, Everyone!


  1. Hah. Hubby had a lettuce-bun cheezeburger for dinner. I almost had one, but felt more like some smoked wings. :D

    What's dat you dropped? Crab legs? (which I can't eat and haven't been near in ages....)

    Well, dropping protein is tragic. :D

    Like the lighthearted bathroom settee shot. Silly A!


  2. Love the "Resting in the Rest Room" pic! I'm kind of perplexed by the Goldfish though... :)

  3. oh how I love the sign off: safe snacks...

  4. Princess -
    They were crab legs, but I did not drop then.
    I would not deign to try to cook them.
    Just eat them. Out. At Joe's Crab Shack maybe.

    Hippo Nymph - This lady was using coupons
    And had filled her cart with Goldfish!
    "For 25 cents each," she was quick to tell us!

  5. You are such a cuty on the ladies' room couch. Love the strawberries!!

  6. The strawberries look divine. You always have such interesting photos. I never think to take my camera places with me. I bet I could get some good ones at Walmart tonight. If I were motivated. Hang in there, Anne and have a lovely day.

  7. I love your restroom pose! Such sass! :)

    What in the world is that person going to do with all those Goldfish crackers?

  8. I'm tellin ya, your posts just make me smile!


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