30 June 2011

watermelon days

As a child, Hanuman believed the sun to be a ripe mango.
He pursued it, in order to eat it! (link)

Get yer air - right this way!

First, I didn't want to come to this one-horse town.
Now, I don't want to leave!
And I can't wait to come back.

Got a little book for CrossFit.
I do just about whatever my trainer tells me.
That's what she said!

Also got these for massage..... for my shoulder.
Up against the wall!
My massage guy showed me the technique - with golf balls.
I handed them back to him and said
"Here's your balls!" I think he gets that alot!

It's a watermelon festival of ice box proportions!
I do like me some walla-mellon every now and again.

It's one of those crossover fruits.
Some say it's actually a veggie.
Seeds on the inside, and all...

Watermelon has a higher glycemic index,
but a lower glycemic load. link
A cup of watermelon has about 11 carbs. link
This is a small watermelon.... sliced into wedges.
I had half of one wedge - maybe 2 cups?
I'm guessing 20 carbs.

I'm no purist, (my other fave line)
especially when it's over 100 degrees in the shade!

Having said that, (another good line)
I only have the stuff a couple of times a year.
I didn't buy one for myself....But if it's offered to me
I can have a little chunk. 

But not too much of a chunk - or too often
 - since I am still a little "chunky!"

Hope your Holiday weekend is a great one!
Any plans? Do tell!


  1. Off now in a bit to CrossFit!
    Is 20 carbs considered to be Carb Loading?
    lol :D

  2. I am a bitchlorette until next Wednesday! Off today, tomorrow, Sat and Sun...back to work on Monday. All by myself on the bus...hope I make it.

    Nice melons and balls! What kind of blog is this???

    Have fun at CrossFit.

  3. "What kind of a blog is this?" - you ask?
    It's one where first-grade humour reigns supreme!

    Hey - what's that?
    Heehee - made ya look!

  4. Love mangoes (and I'd pursue them to eat em, too, even if they were the sun, hah) and love watermelon. It's the time of year where fruits tempt me no end. Everything is so good and juicy and makes me wanna gobble em up!

  5. Hey, Anne. The watermelon looks great. I haven't had any in years. My husband doesn't like it and there is no way I could eat a whole one by myself. Yours looks great though and I bet you enjoyed it. Plans for the weekend include grilling some burgers and a fireworks show in the neighborhood. Every one buys a few and then we all get to see them. It is the only thing we do together. I think it will be fun this year. Nick is going to spend his whole allowance on fireworks.

  6. I have my BFF coming with her kids and my Aunt and cousin. Should be fun. Plus the kids and I are marching in the parade with our TKD gym. Should be awesome.


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