13 June 2011

good morning

Did for a fact sleep about 10 hours last night...
Very tired.... might be the heat?

Did for a fact stop last night and got a What -A- Burger
Double Hamburger with Bacon and Cheese.
Hold the bun (of course)
Ate half last night - half today....
It was over $7! Well, now!
Who knew?

Back to cleaning, laundry and the work-a-day grind.
Dishes - shopping - blogging...
All of which is ok  by me. I like a "regular day" with no worries....
Just a little maintenence - for good measure.
Bodies need it - homes need it!

Putting on my best Priscilla - Queen Of The Desert songs!

Click the pic for a link!

Ok - my little PowderPuffs!
Have a great day!


  1. 10 hours! I want me some o' dat! I'm a little sleep deprived. Yawn.

    And I don't foresee catching up until..er..Friday? Hah.

    Happy Monday, babe!

  2. You know, whataburger is awesome when you order your burger your special way then say no bun.....they put it in one of those plastic trays with a lid.....all the veggies on the side like a nice salad! They are the only place around here that doesnt gasp when we order bunless! LOL ....I get mine with cheese, bacon and grilled onion....and ranch on the side for my 'salad', no reason to waste a bun or lose the cheese that is usually stuck to it! Hope your day is fabulous :)

  3. Yeah the other night my hubby ordered me a Whopper, no bun and thats what they did also, put it in one of the containers they have the side salads in with the lid. I never thought of that, duh! I will do it from now on!
    Glad you got all that good sleep, last night wasnt good for my sleep but tonight is lookin a bit better! Have a great awesome faboooo day!

  4. A great day to you too, Anne! That burger looks fab but I couldn't do the bread either. We had homemade burgers last night but I skipped most of the bun. Sometimes a burger just hits the spot.

  5. I eat them all the time - and I really try to get other foods -
    chicken and fish - and some pork (not bacon) into my diet!

  6. Oh yum. I love hamburgers. Bunless, with grilled onions and mushrooms.

  7. Taking care of our body and our home is a healthy way to live for sure. And they both require ongoing maintenance.

  8. Beautiful morning pic. Never had a Whataburger, we don't have them in the Southern Area I am from but it looks GOOD.

  9. Glad to hear you got some much needed sleep. I got a full 8 hours last night, and what a difference it makes! Yay sleep. :-)

  10. nooooo not the whataburger! That's it, I may just have to drive to the nearest whataburger when I go on vacation at the end of the month. It's only 255 miles to the nearest one!

    p.s. one of my favorite movies ever!

  11. Yay to a great sleep and yay to a double burger with cheese and bacon.

    Great video! Did you know that song was written about my son???

  12. Burger in a plastic box ... that's what I call creative and just the goods as far as fast food is concerned.

    Anne do you remember a post about making up your own protein shakes and you mentioned coffee. I've had several goes at getting it just right with the whey powder I use. Finally got it and Yummmm! Now I have a choice between iced coffee and berry flavoured protein shake. I love creamy iced coffee and to get it on the healthy side is way too good.

    A typical Iced coffee recipe here goes like this.

    Ice, shot of espresso coffee, chilled milk, scoop icecream, lashings of whipped cream, sprinkle chocolate. It's very sweet and creamy.

    I prefer the one I had at a NZ Starbucks with regular coffee poured over ice. That was sooo refreshing. Great on a hot day. They called it American Iced Coffee, and no calories.


  13. I can almost smell that What-a-Burger and it's making me What-a-Drool.

    Hope your day ended well and that you got out to explore the market tonight.

  14. My eyes just rolled back into my head and drool is running down my chin....... what a burger........ Drool

    Seriously, I havent eaten a burger in almost 2 years!!! I am not sure I would be able to handle it

  15. That burger looks great. I decided to go low carb because of stories like yours. To me it is not easy, but it is simple. Minus the carbs. The diary does the count for me and I feel that I succeeded. After my weigh in I screwed up at lunch and took in a banana. Funny I really don't crave carbs after this time, but I sure love bananas and I just had to have one. And it is like magic how quickly I can make a banana disappear. Seconds to 31 carbs damn. It will be a flush and a memory when the digestion gets rid of it and I am back at it. I want to check out a burger without bread one of these days. I would do the burger king dollar cheese and ask for no bread in the past.
    I always love your photos.
    Thanks for stopping by again. Being that I am doing the VLC, it is an honor knowing you are watchful.

  16. I would say good morning but I'm about a day late :)
    Oh that burger does look good! Glad you got some great sleeping time in!


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