25 June 2011

office day

Got to work in the office today - answering phones!
filing papers - thought I might die from being cooped up.
Chicken fans and pink cowgirl art...

Although it is a great place to be indeed!
Very classy. 
And they have those good little individual coffee things.

I didn't put this here - but maltitol IS a great laxative!

Small town drivers

Beautiful - maybe ...

But now, we are really talking about beauty, eh?

Hope your night is wonderful!
And your weekend, too!


  1. I always loved red and green together...
    Can you beat radishes and green onions?

    Hope the weekend is a fine juxtaposition
    to the boring, cooped up office feelings!

  2. I ADORE that pink decorated ukelele!!

  3. PB - I only worked there half a day....
    They needed a nurse somewhere,
    and I gladly volunteered to go!

  4. Sometimes it's nice to have a change! Loved the photos. I agree regarding malitol. I can't leave the house when I eat it!

  5. Beware of desk jobs, they are worse than carb binging.LOL

  6. I agree...maltitol is a great laxative, as long as you can stand the piercing gut pain that goes along with it. No more sugar free fudge for me.

    The office looks nice, but glad that you finally flew the coop!

  7. Wishing you a great Saturday, Anne. And you are so right about the sugar alcohols.

  8. love the pic of you in your sassy pink scrubs!! and I like the office look, that black/white damask just works!


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