15 June 2011

first in cross fit

I was the only one in class tonight

I did 1,000 meters on the rowing machine
for a warm up....
Then, after the Core Integration stuff -
Bridges, Hollow Holds, Hollow Marches,

My WOD -
WorkOut of the Day:
Squats, Rope pull-downs, Kettlebell dead lift,
dumb-bell overhead press, and planks.

You do each one a fast as you can - with
perfect form - for 30 seconds...then on to the next!
I did this sequence twice.
Party smile
And I did the plank - so the rotator cuff impingement
is all but healed! Yay! for getting better!

Various and sundry   instruments of torture
gym things. Actually, these are the ones that help!

110 in the sun today. Did you know temp readings
are taken in the shade?

The card says:  "I DARE you to find a man
with better blood sugar levels than me.
I friggin' dare you!"

I ate strawberries before CrossFit and it was great!

That Crustless Quiche is still a hit...
The whole thing has 5 eggs, and I've eaten 3/4 of it.
So no danger of egg overdose - yet!
Laughing out loud
Here's a picture - Thanks, Karen for the recipe!
Crustless Quiche Recipe from Karen's blog!

Hope your day is wonderful!
Stay cool!


  1. Is there such a thing as an egg overdose? I love eggs, happy to report I've never overdosed on them. Yet. Hope it doesn't happen.

    Hehe funny card! Thanks for the laugh. :)

  2. Wow Anne, that is so great you still do this even in the high temperatures. you inspire others everyday. you are my light at the end of a long tunnel. have a great day.

  3. LOOOOVE that card.
    and yes.
    am with you in not loving this heat :)
    lets hide inside together.

  4. It sure gets hot in your neck of the woods. Not so much here yet. Sprinkling most days so all the new plants and flowers I planted are doing awesome. The crustless quiche looks delicious.

    Your exercise regimen is cruel and unusual punishment to a lazy old gal like me. Ha.

  5. LOL@ Instruments of torture. It looks like it to me as out of shape as I am. Can't seem to get myself motivated. That quiche looks yummy. I could go for some of that right now.

  6. Men and their pissing contests! :D

    That heat is an "instrument of torture"! I don't know how you guys do it.
    I'm a weenie if it hits 90˚F.

    mmmmmmmmm .... quiche! Thanks for the linklove!
    Did you add hot sauce?
    Isn't it hot enough for you Texas gals? :D

    Have a wonderful day, Anne!

  7. Your going to be a hard core cross fit babe soon!

  8. Keep on rockin' the CrossFit!!!

  9. What a meal! Go have a lifting blast!

  10. Great news on the rotator cuff. Phew.

    That sounds like a very intense and difficult workout. GOOD FOR YOU!!!

    I've been watching the temps in Texas and thinking of you in that nasty heat. Hope you're in A/C most of the day.

    xo jj


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