05 June 2011

bad to good day

Two eggs flipped in a pan

Protein mix with instant coffee - ice cold 

A couple HB eggs with pork rinds.
 And some broth in my new super hot Thermos

These guys know how to cook in the kitchen

This guy is on a LoCarb diet

There was this awesome Marimba just sitting there at work today.
Really? What are the odds of that? 

My day started out really rotten.
Yukko - rotten.
Then up walked this lovely dog.

Pretty soon, I decided that everything was ok!
And suddenly, the day went much better.
I ended up forgetting that I ever
had such a bad start to the day.

Hope your day is all good!


  1. It ended up being a pretty good day!

  2. Awww... a sweet Ambassador of Goodwill Doggie.

  3. You flipped it!
    Your day :)
    Bad to good, sometimes its all in how you approach the day, its what I am always telling myself. Choose to have a good day :)

    Puppy is havin a chillin day

  4. Instant coffee + protein = my new favorite! I add cocoa powder too + splenda cause you know I love things sweet.

    Glad your day got better!

  5. Lovely dog. Maybe you need a fur baby to love and all your days will start better. I love my babies.

    The eggs look great. That will be my breakfast too. I love eggs over light or medium.

  6. Nothing like a little doggie love to turn a day around. Glad yours turned out good!

  7. I feel better knowing I was not the only one. Need to plan for a pick my mood up day.

  8. Yay to the day turning around!!!

  9. I need a visit from The Dog of Good Tidings, too.

  10. Jack - she came back to visit me again today!
    She followed me everywhere I went.
    I thought maybe she had a flask of Ensure around her neck -
    For the residents!
    She was just the best.dog.ever!

  11. Who is this Jack character, Anne? Do I know him? ;D


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