04 June 2011

traffic day

Bo Peeps

Stuck in traffic alot of the day

Way up on top of a Mix Master -
Sat here for a very long time - going nowhere fast.
A huge wreck had the interstate closed -
Glad I'm not afraid!

Bikes one way -
walking the other way?

Hamburger patty with a pepper -
can not remember the kind 
it was good though! Not too spicy!

with almond flour, onions, chives, 
and the usual accoutrements.
This took a couple of tries to get it right.
The final product I dusted with ground flax meal...
Kinda crunchy - and less like a cauliflower cookie!

Hope your day is wonderful!
Any big plans for the weekend?
Do tell!


  1. As usual, your food looks great and is making me ravenous. I need some protein I guess.

    Sorry about the traffic debacle. I hope it clears out for you soon. It is a traffic nightmare around here in the summer with the tourists coming in and everything being under construction. We try to stick to the back roads as much as possible.

  2. Man, those cauliflower latkes look great. Yum!

  3. Cauliflower latkes! I'd not heard of such a thing but I will have to try these soon. Yum! Regarding the traffic, I have nightmares about such high-up situations. Of course the height is always greatly enhanced in nightmares. You had a view over everything. That's a cool place to be stuck for awhile (if being stuck can be cool). I think it can be a great thing to be alone with my thoughts sometimes.


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