26 June 2011

groovy day

Collecting more of the flavors! Yay!
Makes for a great protein shake!

Tea - soon to be chilled  - 
and ready for work!

HB eggs - a yummy LC treat!

Broth - my new treat!
Kinda like a cup of java -
But "brothy!"

The one meal and two protein shakes works
very well for me. I can already tell a difference.
I feel much more energetic. And happy ! Yay!

Hope you are having a great day!
What a great day to be happy!
In the groove.


  1. I'm so envious! No Da Vinci syrups available here in New Zealand. :(

  2. I am envious as well even though I can run down the road, I have not invested in any thing but those that flavor my coffee. I hear that sugar free peach is great in tea.
    I am going on a store search for Herb Ox low sodium bouillon. The thing is about when I make things with low sodium, it seems to be missing something...salt. I then want to put some soy sauce in it. Duh.

  3. Oh I bought some Organic Range Chicken Broth last month. I swear I thought of you , Ann, because of the broth mentions on your blog and the Idaho Organic fed beef you mention. I also think of you when I pass cattle around these parts wondering if they are being organically fed (yah cuz I live in Ideeho as I call it).

    The organic broth due to no preservatives started to smell funny after 3 days. Had to toss it.

  4. I wonder if it's grass fed...
    Or maybe potato fed, being from Ideeho!

    And yeah - I am a big broth fan for sure :D

  5. It's all good tonight!

    Love that type of bullion
    use them both a lot for cooking...
    haven't tried them as just broth.
    I get the low sodium version.

    Nice to hear you're feeling good
    on track
    drinkin' flavored shakes
    sun tea
    and bein' happy!

  6. I might just have to adopt the bouillon idea for when I have the munchies but don't want to stuff my face.

  7. I'm having HB eggs for breakfast right now. I hope you have a great rest of the day,

  8. I need to get adventurous with the broth!! and the flavorings. I only have hazelnut and chocolate now and I dont use them often..perhaps to try some others!

  9. Holy syrups Batman...those might make my life easier...don't know if we have them here...must check.

    I think HB eggs will be for lunch tomorrow. Great idea!!!

    Hope your day is grand!

  10. Hard cooked eggs are so tasty. I make deviled eggs with different things: cottage cheese mixed with the hard egg yolk; tuna mixed with it too sometimes.

    I like cucumbers too. I scoop out the inside of the cucumber to put into a salad another time and use the cucumber for tuna boats.

  11. I wish I had those flavors around here I think I would definitely enjoy them. Might have to look online I guess. Sounds like things are grooving along for you :)

  12. I love protein shakes, when I start my day with one, I feel so much better all day and so much less "hungry and carby craving", you know? Then I get out of the habit....why I'm not sure!!!


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