03 June 2011


Went to Mooya for lunch
Got there right before the crowds

Had this Ice Burger - aka wrap...

I do much better with beef - 
than I do with chicken or fish.
But I try to include all of them!

Very popular place in the Dallas area

I thought they were Kettlebells - 
They were cow bells....

Went to a music store

I once played the bass guitar 
as well as drums - yay!

I am telling you - 
some very sick puppies come here
- or some bones in the drywall - or something!

In CrossFit - I kicked my own butt!
I did most of the 600 meter run.
And all of the Core Integration Sequence.
Balance - all that. It's getting much easier!
I am even improving on my Squats and Lunges.
Today I ate:
Protein shake (made with water and extract flavors)
Mooya wrap
Cream cheese and a few nibs w/ sf syrup
Protein shake (same as above)
A few bites of cheese and a few pork rinds
Bowl of Beef Broth (slow cooker)

I am eating much much much less food.
A couple of years ago, I would have considered 
my snacks to be a toddler size snack.
Really, just a few bites!
Now that I am out of cheese and cream cheese,
I don't intend to buy anymore this summer.
Water, water, water
Irish Breakfast Tea on ice
No coffee! I'm sure I'll have some at work, though.

Hope your day is all
Onward and Downward!


  1. Back to work this weekend!
    Have a great one!

  2. Cool photos, as always. Have a great weekend, too. Enjoy the work! :)

  3. do they really call it an icebuger??

    I love that!!

  4. I love the first picture- "Open Sesame" hehe.

    Alissa (A Journey to Thin)

  5. The burger looks great. I had a burger yesterday too but had it on and Arnold Sandwich thin. We cooked out at my daughter's house. It was fun but there was too much good food there. :)

    Have a lovely day, Anne.

  6. Iceburger is funny!!! No cheese? How will you live?

    Hope today is a great day!!!

  7. Yeah - they are bigger than average!

  8. I had to laugh at the bathroom comment (I am telling you -
    some very sick puppies come here
    - or some bones in the drywall - or something!) And then talked about food!!
    You never fail to make me smile.

  9. Nurses are notorious for that -
    eating while talking about doing a dressing change.....
    lol - comes with the territory, I guess!


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