21 June 2011

walk on a bridge

Lake Ray Hubbard has a two mile long (each way)
walking /biking section - looks out over the lake

I got off work early - and drove past....
I thought why not just do it?!

Walked 45 minutes - still in my scrubs - 
No preparation - no fontleroy -just walked!

The sun was hot, but the breeze was mild  -
and the view was beautiful!

Trucky wants in on the photo op -
That's the bridge on the left here

Stopped at a gas station slash BBQ
The kinds that's waaaay out in the country

Got the Trifecta - brisket, pulled pork and ribs....
It's just too hot to cook - and salads are great,
but only so many you can have!

My first ribs, by the way - and I loved them!
Get some meat up in here! Grrr!

Hope your day is awesome and loving with lots of good things happening all around you!


  1. I walked over 2 miles - for about 40 minutes .....
    Not my fastest time - but not to shabby, either!

  2. Isn't it amazing? Before this new life, we probably wouldn't have ever thought to do that. Very cool. First ribs, ever? Welcome to the rib-loving club :-)

    please to come and play with the Tornado and me today!

  4. Fun!! I didn't know the RH bridge has a pedestrian path!

    And ribs? Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the ribs. I LOVE them and may have to go in search of them on Thursday night. Some good ribs would hit the spot.

  6. Ribs look good, may have to find us some for dinner!

  7. Glad to see you out and about, Anne. The news has been talking about how hot it is in Texax, nice you had a breeze to keep you cool on the walk.

    What a great looking dinner!!!!

    xoxo jj

  8. What a random thing to do - I love that you feel so fit and confident to take a walk like that!!!

  9. Beautiful pictures! The ribs look delish!

  10. Great job on the bridge walk! First ribs? What? You have been deprived. They are my son's favourite.

    Hi Trucky!!!

    Love the last pic!!!


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