20 June 2011

poundora's box

Don't do it - scales lie!

Even this only tells part of the story!

Got my Central Market salad

It was super good - and I was hungry for it!

Flip the scales the bird!

Let Me In!

A pretty night - hope yours is going great!


  1. love the 'flip the scales the bird' pic!!! adorable, and so true!!!!

  2. Yeppers- Poundora's box for sure!
    Don't even go there!

    BTW- this was last night's sunset over the lake!

  3. love it. :) I'm trapped by that darned poundora and her evil box. I've learned to take what she says lightly.

  4. She means well, but Poundora lies!!
    I've said this many times:
    IF you stand on the scale.....
    AND you drink a glass of water....
    THEN you have "gained" one pound.....
    OR have you!!!???
    Kinda, sorta, but not really!

  5. You just have the bestest sense of humor and make me smile so much! The bird? hahahahhah

    Is that your post-prandial blood check? The salad looks super num. I need to do groceries and am procrastinating. Bleh.


  6. Yes, Princess -
    About 15 minutes after a protein shake!
    This is good normal for me....
    My fasting blood sugar is usually in the 60- 80 range....

  7. Love this post, Anne. Have a great evening.

  8. Yummy salad! Glad to know that I'm not the only one that flips my scale the bird.

  9. Love the effects on the fridge! That IS a calming sunset.

  10. I just cuss at my 'damn scale' or say "really?!" ..... every once in a while on the blue moon of the third thursday of the 23rd something or another I'll say "Allright ! that's what I'm talkin about"

  11. I am in scale hating mode. Seriously so.

  12. Gotta love "flip the scales the bird"!!

  13. I want a bird, too! Love that. Need that. Coulda used that this morning! ;-)

  14. Oh, I so love your cartoons. I mean pictures!!

  15. Scale? What scale!
    I flipped it the bird
    a year ago
    and don't miss the beast
    one little bit...


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