16 June 2011

errands today

I'm lovin' it - sausage for breakfast

Trucky got a bath

I got a much needed hair cut -
Looking a little deranged after a hard couple of days at work

Hobby Lobby has every thing 

Welcome, friends - laugh at the laundry and kitchen!

Post office has these

No one has these -
But it's good to chill!

Off to CrossFit! Grrrr!
Hope your day is great!


  1. Hobby Lobby sounds crafty--better watch out! :)
    Have fun with your errands! I'm still sittin' on my behind (doc's orders), but roaming internets a bit for interesting peeps like you.

  2. Hope your day has been great so far!

  3. Have a good sweat! No falling, be safe :D

  4. Hi Anne, thank you for stopping by. You are right, we will work through all of this.
    Can you tell me what Cacti tastes like? That is something I don't think we'd ever see here. I always enjoy all your pictures. Some things are so different from where you are and where I am.
    Take care and God Bless!!


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