14 June 2011

farmer's market

Whilst driving home today -

I came across the cutest little farmer's market!

Farm fresh local eggs -
I even got to see a picture of the chickens!

Everything you ever wanted 

Great prices - nice people -
They introduced themselves to me by name!

Georgia's Farmer's Market 
in beautiful downtown Plano, Tx

There are just a handful of things you "can't" have 
while on LoCarb. And that's mainly during Induction.

Some fruits and veggies aren't compatible 
with ANY weight-loss program.
Just the super sweet or the starchy ones. 
And just not boatloads of them. 

They also have all kinds of sugar free jams and jelly.
And all kinds of extracts and flavorings!

And Dr Pepper Beef Jerky
(not sugar-free)

And sugar-FULL Dr Pepper cake mix!
We are in Texas, after all!

I might have driven past this place 
a million times - and never saw it
- until today!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. I bought some asparagus, peppers, and some coffee.
    It's a special blend of hazelnut and chocolate.
    Wish you could been there - it's awesome!

  2. That is WAY nicer than my nearby F.M. I envy you yours. :) Well, I went to mine yesterday, fell, and banged up my knee. Is that a sign for me to find a different one? ; )

    Happy Tuesday! says the gal who loves those uber-carby cherries...

  3. I love farmer's markets. I just don't get what is Dr Pepper cake mix doing there, which farmer grows that??? Would love to see a cake mix tree :D

    Great haul, though. Enjoy your asparagus, peppers and coffee :)

  4. What IS it with Texans and the love of Dr. Pepper? I guess I'd have to ask one. I love the farmer's market!

  5. Dr. Pepper cake? Really?

    Farmer's Markets are the best. I love ours out in Parker County.

  6. Dr Pepper Cake!
    Only in Texas.
    Might have been good - back in the day!

    Princess - I hope your knee get better soon!

  7. Oh WoW! I'm jealous!! I'd have been all over that place like a spider monkey on a banana tree :D or something like that... wish we had one here :/ I need to move! Plano you say?? LOL

    That coffee sounds delish!

  8. Wow, Anne! What a find. I would love to visit. All these great photos are making me wish I lived in Texas. With the drought conditions here we are seeing much fresh local produce. We didn't evven get to do our own veggie garden because of the heat. Everything is wilting. That market looks wonderful though. I'm craving the berries.

  9. It never fails to amaze me the selection of weird, wacky and wonderful foods that you have available!

  10. Oh, you are killing me! I love the farmers markets! I always buy too much, then have to eat it all up quickly before it spoils. What a great problem to have!

  11. Nice market!!! Dr. Pepper beef jerky...I would certainly give that a whirl.

  12. What a neat market - I should google it and have my son visit it!

  13. Dr. Pepper is getting some action in the kitchen it seems now a days.
    It is so great to find treasure and friendly people!

  14. Nothing better than a good farmer's market! When I think of Plano TX, I think of those plastic storage boxes with all the little compartments... started as fishing tackle boxes... made right there in Plano. Trivia, huh?

  15. I would say you made a fabulous find today!!! May become a regular stop?

  16. Did you mean Wish you could have "bean" there? :D
    What with the coffee and all.

    I have to agree with Suzi.

  17. And where is the picture of Quiche???


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