09 June 2011

summer colors

Nice melons!

Bright, fresh strawberries -
I might have had one or two!

Orange, purple and green cauliflower

Broccoli vs green cauliflower

And regular white cauliflower

Coffee on demand


Every kind of pepper -

Except Sergeant Pepper

And maybe even that!

It's like a Farmer's Market

A happy time at the store -
The Super Krogers in McKinney
has spoiled me to regular shopping.

Ate today a baked chicken thigh, and avocado...
Some coffee - and I was set!
Protein for dinner and a bite or two of strawberry

Hope your day is great!
Any good way to beat the heat?
Stay cool!


  1. Wow, lots of pretty produce there. And I love how you managed to find the Beatles after all. hahahaha.

    Melons. I used to have nice ones. Mine are deflating. But those melons, well, love me cantaloupe...more than honeydew. BUT..not more than watermelon.

    Strawberries--had some today. They're so sweet lately! Even hubby, who used to sort of ignore them when I washed and set them temptingly in the fridge has been getting into the sweet berries of (almost) summer.

    Nitey, A. Sleep well...

  2. wow that place is pretty awesome! How do you know when an avacado is ripe?

  3. What PRETTY flower bouquets! That sure made me smile. :-)

  4. Never tried green or purple cauliflower. Thanks for that comparison photo of green cauliflower vs. broccoli. I get the difference now. Only plain white cauliflower and broccoli around here... They are my winter veggies, though, so I don't eat them often these days. I am all about radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes at this time of the year.

  5. I am so jealous. You so have nice melons. We don't have them at our little store. We do have wonderful strawberries and cauliflower and we buy some every week.

    The way we beat the heat is A/C on and stay inside. Ha.

    Yesterday I tried out my new knee pads and pulled weeds in the little flower beds in front of porch. So I was outside for awhile and my arms got tanned!

  6. Grace -
    An Avocado is ripe when it's just a little soft -
    But not too soft!
    These are super Avocados -
    Each one is bigger than a fist!
    And they really are just about perfect!

  7. I'd like to try purple cauliflower since learning about it on Dr. Oz. But haven't seen it here.

  8. What a great grocery store - lots of variety, and they really make the fresh fruit and veggies look so appealing!

  9. Lovely looking food shots. I've never seen purple cauliflower before. I would love to try it. Wishing you a fantastic day, Anne.

  10. Nice melons! Love all the colourful pictures!

    Hope you are feeling a bit better. Sorry to see you were injured again...hugs Miss A.

  11. so pretty :)

    Karla @ Daily thoughts

  12. I actually think it's in Frisco proper....
    But everyone calls it McKinney!


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