31 May 2011

block party

A neighbor bought a grill - and we cooked out for the holiday.
First block party since I've been here - about 5 years!
Hamburgers and Kosher hot dogs.

My hitting my head brought everyone closer, it seems.
Everyone knows everyone here! 

It's good to feel like you are part of a community!
It's a very caring place to live... Like a throw -back in time!

Let the texting begin! (insert Dr Evil laugh here)

Texas and watermelon - and ice tea and BBQ!

Yes - I ate this watermelon - and I liked it!
I do that from time to time... budget out a taste, 
or a small portion of something. A side dish.
LoCarb is not about serial / cereal deprivation - (lol)
it's about making better choices!

Never drank iced tea - until this summer!
Made Irish Breakfast Tea. It's strong!
And keep some chilled in this jug.
One pkt of splenda for the whole lot.
Not real sweet.
Never used ice in my drinks, till now, either!
Making all kinds of changes up in here!

Summer is here - 
Nearly 100 days from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
That's a good amount of time to make it count!

Hope your week is great! 


  1. 100 days.... give or take a few - till Labor Day!
    I think surely I can do something more -
    Than just make it though - I can make it count!

  2. That is a fine looking time being had there. Especially the watermelon part, as much as I love seared meat on the grill sometimes a slab of watermelon is just what the doc, or nurse, ordered.

  3. Changes can be good!!
    I really wish I lived in your neighbourhood, here it's everyone to themselves, no getting to know your neighbours :(
    Oh well at least I have blog neighbours!

  4. Such a short amount of days when you actually put a number to it. It is really awesome what went down in your community. Like the serial comment. LOL

  5. It's really great to be part of a ocmmunity like that... and it looks like you all had a great time!

  6. Fun!
    You're making all kinds of changes. Can't imagine not having ice in drinks when it gets so hot here. Love some good strong iced tea. :)

    Happy Memorial Day to ya.

  7. yummy...I love some good iced tea, with a lemon wedge and maybe a packet of splenda but usually not. And I have been eating raspberries! So good...that watermelon looks delish too!

  8. Looks amazingly fun and yummy! Gotta love days like this. ;)

  9. Wait wait wait - you've never had iced tea until now??? How have you managed to live in Texas and not be a tea drinker? My jaw is still on the floor! ;)

    That watermelon looks delicious, and the party looks like it was fun. Nice to have good neighbors and spend some fun times with them.

  10. Your block looks very fun! 100 days, huh? You are right - we need to make them count. I'm working up some June goals.

  11. Fun times with your neighbors. Life is good.

  12. Looks like a real fun time! Change can be good!

  13. A block party! What a neat idea.
    Glad you had a good time and ooooo I love watermelon!

  14. A Texan without ice tea? Never heard of one.....looks like a good time, at least some good is coming out of your accident.


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