27 June 2011

mmm mmm bacon mmm!

What-A-Burger after work -
So I don't have to cook late at night!
No bun... more like a bowl - with bacon!
 Rolling on the floor laughing

Medium pants are falling off of me...
Looks like I'm wearing pajamas to work!
(Down from a 2x when we all first met!)

Awesome blues skies.... LoCarb is a happy thing!
 Smile with tongue

Crepe Myrtles - must be almost July in Texas!
Hot smile

It might be a bike revolution - taking it to the streets...
In droves!
Somebody cue Les Miserables.... It's a Fitness Revolution!

Had a protein shake x2 
and "bites" of snacks and a few left -overs...
I guess I forgot to eat (again!)
An HB egg, some cheese - pork rinds!
Oh, and a hand full of nuts!
Winking smile

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Wow... that blue sky and puffy clouds look surreal!! Love it. :-)

  2. and BACON will now and forever remind me of mister nomorebacon :)

    best branding ever I guess.

  3. Medium too big! what an achievement going down the sizes! well done.
    Mmmmmmmmmmm bacon mmmmmmmmm

  4. Thank you - y'all!
    But I can't claim all the credit -
    It was the yummy diet of double cheeseburgers and bacon
    that sent my butt to Smallsville!
    Go Figure!

  5. What an achievement. A medium too large now.

  6. They've been too big for a while now...
    I'm no longer too big for my britches!
    But now, the mediums are about to literally fall off!

  7. Now your making me do puzzles??? HB....HB....HB oh I know what it is :)
    Your clothes are definitely getting too baggy!!


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