28 June 2011


It's been nearly 3 months since my head injuries,
and (right) rotator cuff impingement!
I don't have scoliosis... it's all in the shoulder.

The frozen shoulder [red shirt- before]
hurt much much (much) worse
than even the multiple concussion!

Here [black shirt - now]  I have to do a series of neck stretches.
Pulling my neck back, and tucking my chin - makes the skin
(um... fat) under my chin more prominent! 
And I am just now getting back to doing my facial
stretches - I was too banged up...

And have a weekly 2 hour long Medical Massage.
With MyoFascial Release to every intercostal space.
(Rib.) It hurts like some form of torture.
But the pain doesn't last - just the results last!

Years of being heavy - with an unbalanced load in front -
didn't help much. And slumping, and weak core muscles...
All kinds of things work against obesity!

Ah, a happy magazine ad reminds us 
that nurses help us heal!

Scrubs on my new (to me) tv/dvd combo
will go great in the work out room ....
30 minutes of Long Slow Cardio will go by like *that*!
Walking inside, on the treadmill, is a great option
when it's over 100 degrees outside!
It's over 80 even when the sun goes down.
The 2 shower a day rule is now in place!
Hot smile

And a healthy meal of ground chuck, tomatos, and celery
Paired with an awesome salad....omg!
That and two protein shakes a day!
Can't go wrong! And water.
Love that water! I actually buy it 5 gallons at time now.
I use over a gallon a day in the summer (all told).

Found this on the interwebs....
Fitting somehow!

Hope your day is Sweet and Kind!
And Happy!


  1. I'm supposed to be in bed...instead I am reading your blog, cracking up over that last pic... too funny! Now I can go to bed laughing. :-D

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I used to love that broth, too. Sooo yummy! Then I read the ingredients label for Better than Bouillon, and found out WHY I liked it so much. :-)
    It had 3 forms of sugar in that thar little jar! Oh well, we are all different, and you are farther along than me. So I'm glad you discovered a nice food that works for you. And I'll admit, it was one of the best tasting I've ever tried.

  3. ahhhh
    Im a wee bit tired.
    shall I make a sign that reads TELL ME WHAT TO DO?
    today Id not mind :)

  4. Interesting about your chin tuck. The PT has me doing that same thing, only for my neck/nerves. I guess all these things are connected!

  5. Helen - I know ! It really tore me up.
    Who knew posture could make such a difference!
    But it really really does!

    Rettakat - I know there's a wee bit o' sugar....
    But still the beef has "no" carbs per serving...
    The chicken has 2 carbs....
    Even in induction 20 carbs is Golden!
    I try to keep it between the lines at 40 - 50
    grams of carbs a day!

    And Miz? Here - you can upload some of my energy!
    I have plenty! (But I got it from you in the first place!)

  6. Think i have a shoulder impig...thingy went to doc last week, stretches, muscle relaxers (just at night so i can sleep... Hurts like the devil) and xrays..... Will see if it helps ::::::sigh:::::: getting older and stuff breaks on ya :(

  7. I whimpered (almost cried) once during CrossFit -
    Whilst doing Planks....
    The Trainer sent me to a CrossFit Doc -
    A Chiropractor, actually, who does sports injury treatment.
    He helped with the shoulder injury, from when I fell.

    But the soft tissue manipulation - Medical Massage -
    Bones are moving, and muscles are shortening....
    And as always, the "opposite" muscle is over-extended...

    I'm just glad to get it done now -
    And I'm soooo glad my head injuries weren't worse!
    It could have been alot worse.

  8. That picture in the black shirt looks like it hurts your neck!

  9. Love the food pics. Guess I'm just hungry today. Gonna be a long day, if that's the case. Looking for distractions...

  10. I'm glad the therapy is going well, Anne. Dinner looks great. You are making me hungry.

  11. Oh I have that unbalanced heavy load in front. That might explain my tripping up the stairs last night at a Dodger game. Dang bruises are my reminder. Anyway, glad you are doing better. Thanks fro the comment, too, yesterday after that snarky commettor. Yikes, I dislike the haters out there, too.

  12. Hungry - I just loaded up on BBQ for my days off!
    And Michele - be careful, dear!

  13. Hey Anne-- Hope there's a break in sight for that horrible heat in Texas this summer. Ugh. So glad you have the treadmill inside to keep up your cardio. Mine is in our basement where it's nice and cool.... and, um, out of sight.... Which reminds me-- Think I'll go dust it off.

    Keep feeling good! xo jj

  14. Dinner looks mighty tasty!

  15. Anything over 78 degrees is too dang hot for this ol' lady! Yikes, I can't imagine functioning in 100! Your head and related injuries were no small deal, y'know... I'm just relieved to see continuing improvements. Your optimism throughout the ordeal is inspiring to me!


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