17 June 2011

ducks in a row

Finally getting these guys in a row....
Again - each new phase seems like a challenge -
It's like a new life in a way -
So I guess we are all learning!

Salad just about every day in summer

Had some watermelon -
it was good!

A wee little whipped cream in the coffee

I cook for my patient one day a week.
They eat about 90% carbs!
And half of that is pure junk.
But then again, they aren't on a "Reducing Diet."

I'm learning to not over-eat these sweet treats -
And to stay away from the things that I know are triggers.
And to be ok with serving them - 
without having to sample them.

Fresh basil from the garden
(not my garden!)

Cooked this for my patient -
Dreamfields pasta - Added tomato meat sauce -
Which she calls "red gravy!"

Wow - finally got some good sleep, too!
Two sets of room-darkening shades,
the a/c down and a couple of fans on.

Hope your day is great!


  1. Yay! It feels good to catch up!

  2. may we borrow the ducks for bathtime??

  3. I think I'm going to have to crank the A/C down an notch or two as well...this heat is really messing with my sleep. Glad you got a good night's worth. :)

    Also? Red gravy. Is your patient Italian? Because that's what Jeff's grandma calls red sauce, and she was born in Italy.

  4. It is hard to cook differently to someone else than what you eat. I've done it sometimes for Dail and Nick and I always do it on holidays but mostly, they eat what I eat. They could stand to lose a few pounds and they are staying trimmer when they follow my plan.

  5. Sounds like you had a very good day!

  6. Your ducks are so cute. I think I am learning every.single.day.

  7. You are very strong to be able to cook carby things for your clients but not want to sample. I don't even feel tempted anymore, but I can't cook very well either. :P If I could cook it would be more difficult. Dreamfields with "red gravy" for your patient! She is very well treated. :)

  8. I was going to say the same...your patient must be italian if she calls it gravy! I am usually not tempted when I make high carb foods either, in fact I just took an enormous pound cake out of the oven since its one of our guys at the shop's birthday today. Gonna put strawberries and whipped cream on it--and Im stoked I can have some strawberries and cream myself, no pound cake needed!Those fruits you have pictured look yummy by the way!
    Hope you're havin a great Friday!

  9. Must be a nonna! Red gravy...

    Here's my secret "cobbler" recipe. Take a few berries - blackberries are my favorite. Crunch up some almonds or other nuts. Top the berries with the nuts (optional) Put in the microwave just enough to heat it up. Pour on a little cream. Yummy low carb dessert.

  10. The watermelon looks so good!

    Roxie's "cobbler" recipe will be happening at my place this weekend! Yummee!

  11. Ducks in a row is a good thing. You are looking like a hottie, BTW! Amazing how fit you look now Must feel great!

  12. Gotta get me some watermelon! That looks so wet and wonderful... and... red!

  13. I got Nonnas all week!
    And a couple of Nonnos thrown in for good measure!
    And they all want red gravy.

    Thanks, roxie - I wan to try the cobbler!


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