18 June 2011

lovely day

 Lovely start to a great day

A little short - but it will grow!
The hair, that is!

My new hobby is drinking expresso

Little cute cups

Read my lips  - No New Asses!

If this happens - slow down to 25 mph

This is a 3 foot long foam roller -
In CrossFit, we lay on these, on our backs.
Fully supported. Knees bent.
Feet on the floor.
Arms folded across the chest.
We work on balance - 
We do our Core Integration - "Hollow Holds."
Press the base of the back down, so there's no gap.
Try it for 30 seconds - not so easy!

Hope your weekend is great -
Any bigs plans?


  1. good stuff - that is!
    who knew? mmmmm!

  2. My hair is shorter than yours!! I was going for a Carlize Theron look and got carried away. Ha. Now I like it this short.

    Thunderstorms all through the night last night and still going on; supposed to be till at least noon. I don't mind the thunder sounding far and near. The work I was going to do in the yard today can wait. I am just happy there is plenty of rain here, things grow and grow here.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Have a great weekend, Anne. That foam roller looks like something I could hurt myself with. I'm accident prone that way. :)

  4. Technobabe -
    it's funny -
    The only film I had ever seen her in was "monster"
    Who knew she was really so flippin' beautiful!
    And just an awesome actor!

    Karen Butler Ogle - hope your weekend is safe and fun!

  5. I do something similar at yoga. I roll up a mat nice and tight, flop out onto it, knees bent, feet flat...the only difference is I don't have my arms on my chest, they are open wide. Feels great once you get off it. Makes the floor feel like a primo king size mattress.

    My plans for this weekend have had to be amended. My parents were to come over for Father's Day today, but my Mother is not well.

    The Boss is going out with his family tomorrow, I will just relax and read. Did I tell you I am reading Wicked?

  6. it really does grow back! but short is nice too.
    still sitting and mending hands post-op, nothing exciting, reading "any human heart"--quite lovely.

  7. I need to read a book!
    But I devour them so -
    and I've been told (by a reading major)
    that I don't read like other people read....
    I'm vexed in the reading department -
    All the more reason to read again - I reckon!

  8. OOOh, that was indeed
    a lovely start to the day
    and may it continue
    in its loveliness!


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