19 June 2011

central market dinner

Hanging out at the fruit bar lately

One of the best salads ever! 

And this

And rotisserie chicken for an early night

Skipped the bottle of wine -
Cuz I am in training...
It's all good!

Hope your day is wonderful!
Grab a plate and join me!


  1. Yummy! This is my kind of dinner. Very nice!

  2. I would love to Anne, it looks so good. have a great day, sending a hug your way.

  3. The salad does look awesome. I can't eat raw cauliflower but the rest of it would do just fine.
    I have been on a strawberry splurge lately. Yesterday it was strawberries on cereal. Previous day was strawberries on waffles. And strawberries in salad. For a month now that is like having a treat.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Reminds me, I have too many berries right now :(
    Some have to go in the freezer

  5. Wow..that food looks fantastic. It looks better, so much better than the bad stuff...m.mmmmmm

  6. Rotisserie chicken. Best invention EVER. :-D
    And now I want a salad, LOL! I can't wait for our cherry tomato plants to start producing. Yummmmmmm

  7. Yummmmmmm! It's the season of plethora, eh? Even the peaches smelled ripe at our grocery store yesterday!

    I love to have fruits in my salads... Do I see grapes in yours?

  8. Shucks if I'd been in the neighborhood I would have stopped by for din dins :)

  9. That chicken looks so gooooood! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  10. I love Central Market. I'd live there if I could get away with it.


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