30 June 2011

happy town

Just in time for the Fourth of July -
Only where ever shall I put the sparklers?


A MooYa burger is always good - an "Ice-Burger" wrap

Brisket and cheese.

This cart went amuck, ramming into things!
I picked up the front part,
and totally moved it. Must be getting stronger!
Kinda like Les Mis, but no singing this time.

"Hello? Yes - we have no bananas.
This is a LoCarb blog.
You must have the wrong number!"

A wee little treat... 20 grams of carbs... (max)
I've had watermelon twice this summer!

Steak, grilled onions, salad,
and a few strawberries for a snack

A pretty sunset in a happy sky!

Hope your day is great!


  1. The watermelon was good!
    And cold.
    And Juicy and ripe.
    A small half a slice!
    Of a small "ice box" sized melon.
    With no cravings for more.
    Thank goodness!

  2. We have had the BEST watermelons this year. We eat one and a half to two cups at a time but we aren't watching the carbs in fresh fruit. Yummy. I like your banana phone. :)

  3. I see my bikini has arrived. ::snort::

    We have become watermelon addicts this summer. No joke. Good thing we aren't doing low carb! Glad you got a taste of the goodness. :)

  4. Made me want to run right out and get some watermelon. I am surprised by the carbs in it, are you sure? lol love your sense of humor.

  5. Well, Cinner, I did the math about 100 times.
    I did the glycemic index, glycemic load, carb count....
    And in the end, I just ate the darn thing.

    I think 20 is high. That's a full day's allotment - for Induction!
    But it's in the "worth it" category. As an occasional indulgence.
    And by "occasional," I mean 2 or 3 times a year.
    It doesn't cause cravings for me. If it did - I would kick it to the curb!

    I am still in the "losing" mode - so fruits are still restricted!

  6. What the hell kinda crazy-ass cheese is THAT? :D

    Now I'm singing Eldorado by ELO which of course turned in to Desperado by the Eagles. Thanks. :D

    I've never seen any restaurant here offer a lettuce bun for a burger. I might have to make that suggestion the next time I venture out for a meal.
    Or do it myself here at home. (that's what she said)

    Hope you're having a stellar day, Anne!

  7. Sorry, I was just calling to ask you why the banana went out with the prune? Yeah, it was because he couldn’t find a date...

  8. LOVE me some mooyah. Here's how I get mine (because I know you're dying to find out):
    mustard, pickles, cholula sauce, bacon, cheddar and sometimes a little mayo. Oh, and jalapenos. Wrapped in lettuce, of course. It's soooo good. Maybe I'll get one today.

    Love all of your pictures as always. :)

  9. I just read about watermelon candy :) You thinly slice the watermelon and put it in a dehydrator! I might try this but I will definitely only have a small amount!
    I should have wrapped that enormous lettuce leaf around my burger yesterday.

  10. Thanks for your supportive comments. Love the pics and you are always so positive. In and Out Burger has the low carb burgers. It does look good.

  11. All those food pics looks so tasty!!!


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