16 June 2011

wild things at the store

Who knew? Fruit snacks are now in boxes
on you cereal aisle

Just in time for the 4th of July -
Toys and firecrackers at the grocery store!

"Personal" melons - the sign says

Sushi samples

Even wine samples

"Join the Coke Club" lunchbox

I'd better not take this to work!

Mouse cheese grater  .......    Flying fish whisk

Bird veggie peeler......     Whale ice cream spade

Piranha pizza cutter
Veg-hog and octopus scrubbers

Mr Potato Masher

More cacti

More fun-guy

Hope your day is wild -
and wildly happy!


  1. Cute things for the kitchen!

  2. Cool stuff. I love the piranha cutter, fun little thing. Speaking of things I love... mushrooms. Those look very nice. Do you eat them often or ever?

  3. I love mushrooms. Those kitchen tools are so unique.

  4. At least you didn't see Happy Hotdog Man. I love the veg-hog. Cute and handy for cleaning veggies.

  5. I don't know where you shop but it looks like a pretty darn cool store to me lol.

  6. Oh and no cati for me thanks lol.

  7. Fun-guy??? Ha ha ha ha!!

  8. I love the octopus!!! And the pic of you with the machine gun, priceless!

  9. I love the pink mug - but I don't work in hospice :)

    Personal melons?? Hmmm.

  10. I'm so jealous you have so much fun in the grocery stores :)

  11. I know, right?
    Each store is like a mall -
    They have everything!
    I guess things really ARE bigger in Texas!


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