06 June 2011

over not so easy day

Reading all about it!
Amazing what ya learn.

Hamburger and eggs for breakfast

Chopped steak and salad for lunch

Packed away in this awesome cooler
Also my protein shake
And a ton of water for me!

Rain and lightening on the way home

A nurse I worked with today told me all about 
how BAD Atkins is and how unhealthy it is....
So I asked her something like
"How is it unhealthy to not eat refined sugar?"
Until a few hundred years ago, no one ate it.
And yet humanity persisted.

She was eating Grape Nuts as we talked.
She actually told me that 
IF I went back to eating junk - or got off the diet - 
and went back to my old ways 
of being a "fat ice cream eating slob"
that I would gain back all the weight.
That's why (said she) Atkins is unhealthy.

"Isn't that true of any diet?" I queried.
After a shrug and a scoff, she was gone.
Grape Nuts flying all over the place.
True story.

At least my new little friend had my back.
Or maybe she just wanted my lunch!

Hope your day is truly awesome!


  1. I think as long as you are at a good weight, feeling great, and have no medical issues come out of it, your way of eating shouldn't be dissed.

    Me, I eat fruit and some rice and taters. I don't feel good VLC. I also try not to overdo the fat, though some days I go higher than I wish. For me, it's still finding my footing. But I feel great at moderate carb. And I lose decently. And my energy is amazing. So, for me, the results so far are good on 100 or so grams a day, rather than the 500+ in my obese days and my 200+ in recent less bingey years.

    Everyone is different. Some of us can't handle carbs like otehrs can. My hubby, when he goes LC, he gets too skinny. Weight just totally flies off him, so I give him MORE carbs to keep him from becoming a bone. :) But me, no risk of boniness. Iw ish! '

    So, eat your way and the haters can shut the heck up and take their horrible tasting Grape Nuts to their lil dark corner.

  2. "She was eating Grape Nuts as we talked.
    She actually told me that
    IF I went back to eating junk - or got off the diet -
    and went back to my old ways
    of being a "fat ice cream eating slob"
    that I would gain back all the weight.
    That's why (said she) Atkins is unhealthy".

    I laughed and laughed as I read this. Poor John. He has a serious face on as he watched sports news.

    I bet she hasn't a clue how idiotic she sounded.

    I wonder if she is jealous of your success and making her own excuse for not following in your footsteps.

    I do hope you have a really lovely day coming up. It sounds as though things are extra stressful at present.


  3. fitness and food intake isnt about fitting in :)
    it's about listening to our BODS and doing what works.for.US!!

  4. The Grape Nut Nurse was a tall, skinny, little size 4
    who obviously was never overweight a day in her life.
    She said she could eat Grape Nuts 3 times a day.
    She was also maybe 20 -25 years old.
    I thought to myself..... Yeah - good luck with decades of that!

    The only issue that's come out of LoCarb eating for me -
    is that there for a while, my head got bigger...
    But once I landed on it 2 or 3 times,
    it went back to it's normal size! Thank goodness! ;D

    I think of all the medical issues I am avoiding now
    by losing the weight!
    I've lost about as much as Ginger weighs....
    The Dog Of Good Tidings!

  5. Low carb is dangerous for the blood pressure of pro-carbers. It seems to anger them beyond belief when you tell them you're not eating grains any longer.
    More for them ... win-win, right? :D

  6. I get frustrated when someone tells me something I'm doing to GET healthy is UNhealthy...when it really isn't. I get it all the time since I'm a vegetarian. I've heard it all from people who just don't understand why I do what I do.

    Luckily, I don't let what anyone else says make me stop doing what it is that's helping me get healthy.


  7. Ignorance abounds, doesn't it, Anne? Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the crazies. They simply don't get it.

  8. We're all so different. I tried a NO carb diet once (Stillman's Quick Weight Loss Diet) and it made me feel horrible physically -- so bad that I'd pick being fat over having to eat that way. I lost nine pounds in five days which I loved. A friend of mine did the same thing for 16 weeks and lost tons of weight and felt just fine. Your diet is not extreme and has certainly worked for you. I would not give a twenty year old, size 4 "expert" too much attention. :)

  9. I've learned that if someone is giving negative comments about whatever plan you are on, they are probably just jealous. Don't let the naysayers get to you. Everyone has something to say, and we all know about opinions: They're like assholes, everyone has one and they usually stink ;)

  10. Wow, that woman was so profound! LOLOLOL. Geez, ya think that anytime you go back to your old ways of eating, no matter WHAT the diet, you might gain weight??? She is a genius, I tell ya! ;)

    Keep on keeping on, Anne - you know what works for you. :)

  11. The nurse sounds like so many people who are living life with blinders on, not open to another person's experience. Atkins has a bad name in some sectors but it works for so many people. It isn't the fault of the type of plan someone chooses if a person regains the weight. It means that the person did not change bad habits and attitudes. What you are doing is working for you. Whether or not you keep the weight off is your decision and the result of how much you recover inside as well as outside.

  12. Hi Anne, Just caught up-- Thanks for the tip on the police by the side of the road. Who knew! I'm drooling over all your delicious looking meals too. YUM.

    And that nurse with the mouth full of Grape Nuts-- Sheesh. Some people are so full of themselves.

    Hope life is treating you good. I got back from Ohio late last night and still trying to wake up. I'll be back soon. xoxo jj

  13. I picture the nurse with mounds of curly hair and a box of grapenuts tucked under her armpit, scooping them dry out of abox with a spoon while spewing them at you as she speaks. Dunno know why.

    I adore that wee little doggie. Can I trade my mouthy annoying cat for her? :)

  14. Are ya kickin' it old school now? Did you see the differences between '72 and now?

  15. Big differences -
    I love the sense and style of the first book.
    Wish I had started with that one -
    But, as they say - it's never too late!

  16. It's seems so streamlined doesn't it?
    When you read the '72 version you can see how much they've tried to mollify the masses with the updated editions.


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