22 June 2011

respecting food

Some people love food. I mean they really 
LOVE food. Not like I love food.

Some people love it like it's wonderful -
and life sustaining - cuz it is.... of course.
They honor good food, and respect it.

I love food like Fat Bastard loves food....
Get In Ma Bellah!

Not like some people - who make a special time for it.
Even a simple thing like broth is a treat - 
something to look forward to - not something get through
as fast as possible - and on to the next thing...

They set aside a time and place - where nothing comes first 
to interrupt the pleasure of the meal... Not just the eating.
Some people love every aspect of food - the shopping,
the cooking, the clean-up afterwards... it's a labor of love for them.

They have special and wonderful tools for cooking food -
some of which are handed down - like a treasure - a gift!

Even beer and coffee have a special place - an honorary place - 
in society and in life...

Little ceremonies are built around food
because it is so excellent

Even the storage tins are quality - and show respect 
for the food they protect

Some simple and basic things that "make" the meal

The love for food extends into decor -

And display - as though food dishes are art itself - and beauty.

I have nothing that matches - nothing for show....
I spend as little time as possible in the kitchen -
(as if that's somehow a good thing)
I think it is a chore to clean up after myself

My whole outlook toward food - and what it 
"brings to the table" is changing!
Finally for the better!

Hope your day is A++


  1. This is one fabuloso post, Anne!

    Me, being kinda like you
    and me, leaning toward a change in my outlook too,
    I enjoy this litany of how some people
    relate to food

    Food for thought, you might say

    A++ is wasn't, but the sun was shining
    and that WAS A++

    Mindful eating
    that's something I can do
    for only about 5 seconds at a time right now

    it just takes regular practice.

    Thanks, Anne
    thanks for being you and for taking time to
    take these cool pictures and post them.

  2. Oh Anne, I am one of those people who love food and everything it offers. I drool just thinking about chocolate but alas through Weight Watchers I have reached my goal weight so I have smaller portion sizes but I am able to eat any of the foods I love......but I always want more of it......:-)Hugs

  3. I enjoy preparing food most of the time. I am experimenting in the kitchen with my own variations of recipes. I enjoy eating, really tasting, but I do keep in mind food if for nourishment of the body and not an idle idol.

  4. I have nothing fancy in the way of food preparation either and I prefer simple, easily prepared foods. Lately we have been using some foods from Schwan's but normally I prefer whole fresh foods that are cooked to order. It has just been so hot that we have given in to some convenience foods for a while. Still eating healthy or trying to anyway. Slipping now and again but doing my best to hang in there.

  5. You know I love food! I love preparing it and savouring it but I hate cleaning up after :)

  6. I've seen a lady wiping dishes like a Mother
    would clean a bouncing baby!
    With all the love an care in the world...

  7. I love everything about food. Buying it, preparing it, eating it. I LOVE IT! I have a dishwasher so I don't even care about cleaning up.

  8. What a thought-provoking post, Anne. I want to bookmark it, and do some thinking.

    And that corkscrew: hilarious, seriously hilarious!


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