29 June 2011

market skreet

Don't slip on bacon!

Now this is a fancy grocery store!

Huge tomatos


Your own personal melon

Your own personal bratwurst

Hard Cooked and peeled eggs

Nice coconuts!
I never get tired of that one.
I also have a picture of my pineapple...

CrossFit Watermelon Dead Lift
3...2...1... eat!

No - it doesn't say "Sugar Free" 
It's Sugar Tree. TREE!

All kinds of meat and cheese
They were playing Lady Gaga - Telephone
When I went in. I was dancing in the produce section,
And drew a little crowd. Fun day!

Driving around thinking how good life is!
Happy driving and working -
and eating a couple of
skraw-berries doesn't hurt!

Hope your day is great!


  1. I had a little steak dinner with a big salad...
    Grilled onions.... coffee with sf hazelnut flavor...
    And a bowl of strawberries with some HWC!

  2. You have the neatest shops down by you!

  3. Wonder if they call you
    "The Camera Lady"
    in the stores you frequent.

    Marveling at the twists and turns
    of your mind.

    This post spreads joy!

  4. There is always fun when you are around!


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