02 June 2011

summer colors

June is busting out all over

Even in the stores

Bright happy stuff every where you look!

Broccoli-flower - it is green cauliflower!
Ever had it?

Market Street olives in HdP

This is a table - people sit in chairs here,
and have meals together!

It's a happy festive event with lots of tasty things!
I had one of these for sure!

Today I ate:
3 servings protein mix
2 pcs chicken
1 strawberry
Handfull of peanuts
iced tea - too much
water - not enough
No workout today
Still about 5,000 steps, though
Hope your day is hip hop happy!
Good things are happening!


  1. Mm...berries. I have a weakness for pretty tableware. Hubby sighs when he sees me buy something new. We have too many plates, sauces, etc, but when I see something colorful and flowery, even if it's only a luncheon plate, just one, I wanna have it!

    And here I am, wanting to simplify. Must..give...away...stuff. :)

    Broccoli-flower..no, never saw that. Would be handy on St. Paddy's day! Right along with green eggs and ham.... :D

  2. Isn't broccoli always just like cauliflower in shape and size, just green? That's how it looks around here. Maybe there's some other kind of broccoli that I don't know of? I am officially confused.

  3. I guess this is an entity all unto itself!
    It's the shape of cauliflower, but green.
    Lighter green than broccoli. Bright green!
    Hmmmm. The only info I could find is this:



  4. We call it broccoflower in New Zealand. It has milder flavour than cauliflower and is lime green rather than the dark green of broccoli. I far prefer it to either but it's usually more expensive and I'm not sure it has all the special health benefits of broccoli but it's still good. I use a very simple cooking method. Break into pieces, wash, boil in small amount of lightly salted water until al dente and drain. I love it plain and makes a yummy nibble if there are any left overs. I dislike raw cauliflower, broccoli etc.

    Love my veggies.


  5. I love summer because of the bright flowers. I've never heard of broccoli-flower but it sounds interesting. I always learn new thing when I visit your blog!

  6. I want to try that broccoflower stuff sometime. I wonder how it will taste roasted and what the texture will be like. yum strawberries! That's my very favorite summer color.

  7. Summer has finally reach the right coast too... waking up to sunshine, flowers and bright colors, just makes me happy!

  8. you need to EAT MORE FOOD :-D I know its just a glimpse of one day so I wont beyotch at ya. Add some of that broccoliflower and some buttahh..you know the drill! Sounds good by the way, interesting!

  9. Nice collage! Five thousand steps is great. :)

  10. Ooh, loved the bright shirts. I wish I could get my honey to wear stuff like that!

  11. No mutant vegetables for me.

    Love the happy, happy, happy!!!


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