07 June 2011

best hard day

The new high-tech way to clock in
(not for us, though)

Time to love water

Cooler filled with good lunches

Salad salad, tuna salad, protein shake

Pork rinds, tea, water

Even more room in my shoe laces!

The best dog ever 

Thank you - 3rd hard day in a row
If anyone is counting.... it turned out to be a good day, too.

Hope you are having a great, happy day!


  1. Time for an "easy" day!
    That pooch sure has an adorably sweet face. :-)

  2. The shoelaces photo made me LOL. Mine look like that, too.

  3. Oh, you made me laugh with the laces. I have the SAME PROBLEM. I have 10.5 D and 11D size sneaks. Now my feet are 9 to 9.5 regular. I have to really tie them and my shoelaces have so much length, I have to do double-bows. hah. Well, it's a good problem to have.

    I love the last pic, Anne. It has a...I dunno..a mood, a feel to it. Yeah...the quiet end-of-day Anne is cool, too.

  4. It's a great problem to have!
    Long clown-style shoe laces!

  5. Sorry it was such a hard day. Makes you appreciate the easy days. :)

    PS: It's Kelly. Google wonn't let me sign in. :-/

  6. (((hugs)))
    hope today is not do hard

    squish squish

    (sounds of a soft day) :P

    Karla @ Daily thought

  7. Your dog looks just like my Izzy. Good to see you still pounding at it. Love the pictorials.

  8. I take a 5 EE and I could tie presents with the laces that are left after I tie them!

  9. Love the puppy. Looks like a sweety. Glad to see refillable bottles in your lunch.

  10. The honey of a doggie actually "belongs"
    to a Nursing Home I worked at over the weekend.
    she has like 100+ grannies and gramdpas!
    And nurse friends, of course!
    I was happy that she came to me
    to spend some time with my patient!

  11. LOL ... Spunky's comment is too funny. :D

    Is Princess saying she's lost weight in her feet? That's a huge size difference if she has! If that's true, I'll be happy as my feet are huge now too. I wouldn't mind getting back in to 10s so I can have more heels to choose from.
    I miss cute shoes. :(

    Salad days. Gotta love 'em!

  12. Your laces are funny!!!

    Hope today was not so hard...hugs lovely Miss Anne.


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