16 December 2010

south of atkins

Well, I'm still trying to understand 
my relationship with Visceral Fat....
And how to get rid of it!
The last 15 - 20 pounds.

Trying different modalities - 
Still way way way down on caffeine.
I only have one cup of half decaff
Twice a day! 
Monster is out - grrrr!
I tried a LC Monster, and it's been so long, 
that I actually didn't finish it.

The migraines are almost gone!
I needed to stop abusing caffeine, anyways.

So no-one can say I didn't try!
And working-out is way way way up.
That's a Pork Rind, by the way...
Induction stuff.
So recently, I tried a very low low low
almost zero carb day.

I think I lost a pound that day.
And I had so much fun doing it!
This is beef brisket.
It looks like bacon! I fried it in a pan.
(Saute, if you prefer!)

Non-LoCarbers ---- Look Away!
I added sugar-free pancake syrup
(one loving spoonful) 
instead of BBQ sauce!

I tried to low-fat approach.....
Didn't like it - I guess I'm spoiled!

So I had this brisket 3 meals that day.
Two smaller portions and one larger "meal."

It is called the Inuit Diet
Pseudo - Inuit, actually..... just sayin'....
Made popular by the Arctic Explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson.
The diet is about 90 - 100% meat.
(No seals or stuff for me, please)
Stefansson and his fellow explorers tried this diet for a year,
under medical supervision. And they were perfectly healthy!

Yay for Ketosis!
I cleaned the whole apartment!
I had such bounding energy and focus!

This is my black coffee.... half decaff
That is coconut oil in it.
The LoCarb secret weapon!

Next time I go to Arkansas 
(Hiking and Hot Springs)
I need to check out this town!

LoCarb is definitely not for every one.
And anyone who thinks I am wanting it to be,
maybe they are misunderstanding my enthusiasm 
for low carb, and my own weight-loss story.
(I've been accused of that - sheesh!)

But it is for me!
Can I Haz a LoCarb?

When I first started, I went online,
And there were a few resources.....
Now, there are many many many more!

Almost any one of them is a good click to learn more.
LoCarb or not, it makes sense that people 
might do better, when trying to lose weight -
it might be a good idea to not eat cake and stuff.
That's all I'm saying!
Or at least not alot of cake.

I wouldn't want to eat the Meat Only Diet every day.
But it is another alternative if you are already LoCarb.
Some people use it to break out of a weight-loss stall.

No seals were harmed in the making of this post!

Hope your day is splendid and wonderful and happy and
...well, you get the idea!


  1. Never heard of putting coconut oil in coffee what's that all about inquiry minds want to know *smile*. The brisket looks yummy.

  2. Here's a plateau buster from my Lean For Life Book, (Lindorra Clinic's program).

    Breakfast:- 1 egg or egg substitute, boiled, poached or cooked in non stick pan. Calorie free beverage.

    Lunch and Dinner:- 3.5 ounces white fish, 1/2 cup cooked spinach, 1/2 grapefruit, 1 cup iceberg lettuce, any calorie free beverage.

    Bedtime:- 1 cup lemon water made by boiling 1/4 lemon in water for 3 minutes.

    I think you are still meant to drink water throughout the day. Too bad if you don't like fish.

    Wanna try it. I think I did it once except for the lemon water and of course it works but it's harder than fasting in my book.

    Your beef looks and sounds much better.


  3. Occasionally when I am stalled I will do the low carb for a couple of days. I have to say it works. I lost 15 lbs on it many years ago. But it's not something I could do for very long. Brisket looks yummy, though.

  4. OOps! It should read that you eat the same fish meal for lunch and again at dinner, not share the one fish meal over the two eating times. No snacks so it's a pretty tough day unless you're hibernating.


  5. I love coconut oil, but it makes my poo pastie. So, NOW you know! ;)

  6. I'll have to check out the coconut oil. I need to consider other options in my coffee other than the creamers, which some have told me are bad for me.

  7. How does one measure the viseral fat, Anne? Is there a noninvasive way to do that?

    Send some of that 80 degree weather our way. We're a good 20 degrees below normal. Brrrrrrrrrrr. Where does the Canada Jet Stream think this is, Michigan's UP? Sheesh!

  8. I like the all meat diet, gets pricey though. A couple of winters ago I did a zero carb week. It was delicious!

  9. I did Atkins for a while years ago. It worked some. I lost a little but eventually I began to feel weak and tired on it. I do better with a better balance of carbs and meats and less fat than is allowed on Atkins.

  10. Mae Flowers - the coconut oil....
    Ah, the coconut oil!
    I moisturize with it, I wash my face with it....
    And cook with it... and sometimes add it
    instead of cream to coffee.... it turns into a solid at 76F
    so it will solidify in your smoothie if you make it cold!
    That's a good topic for a post!

    Ann - the only way I know to "measure"
    Visceral Fat is to just look....
    to look good naked - it might be said.
    No muffin top - a flatter profile, perhaps!

    SheZug - I am actually having the
    time of my life eating all this meat!
    I feel like I am flying!

    Karen Butler Ogle -
    I did Atkins once about 15 years ago.
    My heaviest weight then, was what I weigh now!
    And I remember thinking --
    "Oh, so THIS is what it's like to feel happy!"

  11. Brisket three times in one day?!?!? That sounds kinda good actually.
    Glad the migraines are gone. Phew.
    Feel good! xo jj

  12. Looks like I headed North East when I passed Conway off of interstate 40 and ended up in Quitman...I'm so stalled :(

  13. I feel much better on a higher protein diet. Satisfied for longer too which means less calories.
    If it works do it!

  14. Anne, I can't find Wicked in Los Angeles in March... help!!!

  15. I am delighted to see that upon my return you are as entertaining as ever. Love the look of the brisket, too.

  16. Once upon a time, I had a bamboo flute. To keep the wood in good condition, I was told by its creator to rub coconut oil on it. Thus was born my long love affair with coconut oil as a moisturizer.
    Of course, the scent gets me thinking about kicking back in a hammock on the beach whilst sipping a mai tai, but I'll just have to suffer with those thoughts... sigh...

  17. your brisket looks yummy
    (your meal photos
    always make my mouth water)

    by the way
    whenever I tell somebody
    my last name
    I say
    it's Atkins, like the diet
    didn't know there is
    a town named after me

    no caf coffee
    no chocolate
    equals migraine remedy

  18. I've never been a big fan of meat. I eat it almost daily, but not in huge quantities. I'd rather get my protein from eggs and cheese. I read that too much meat messes up the leptin sensitivity.
    Have you seen checked out perfecthealthdiet.com? They recommend a coconut oil fast once a week. Just coconut oil for 36 hours. I love coconut oil, so I am thinking I might try that. Wouldn't do it once a week, though. Just once to try out and if it feels good once in a while when I get in a mood to do that.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I find them very helpful. :)

  19. I wrote a comment and I think Blogger erased me, how rude!! LOL...just wanted to say Im going to buy some coconut oil myself this weekend, Im intrigued, and that your brisket looks divine, AND that I have never gotten the sense reading your blog that you want the world to do locarb at all, so not sure what thats about!! HUGS to ya!

  20. A neighbor in my apartment complex said that.
    So I told the world "my side of the story"
    To set the record straight!

    I am getting some info together for a post on coconut oil....
    Just some things I've learned and others have shared with me!

  21. That brisket looks so wonderful! I could very well do an all meat diet I expect, especially if it was meat that lovely.
    I am a big fan of the coconut oil as well, it is a good temperature gauge in the summer.

  22. I would never accuse you of that!
    I love your enthusiasm about low carb, and why not? It works for you! And you are kind enough to share!
    I've NEVER seen you pushy, or saying it's for everyone. They must have REALLY misunderstood. ;)


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