06 December 2010


The sweet and kind Ms. PJ Geek 
recently tagged me with a cute little question and answer thing!
I am the worst blogger in the world when it comes to this....sorry!

So here goes!
1. If you could live in another time period, which would you choose? 
The future? Biblical times? 19th century? The 50's 
Whatever or whenever one you choose and why?
If you need to answer with the thought 
you would still have your same family then do so.
I would love the "simplicity" of another time era.... 
but with the technology and ease of today! 
That's me - again with the double standards!

2. What did you want to be 'when you you grew up' 
when you were a kid? Did you become that?
From the day I was born, I knew I wanted to be a Nurse.
I never played with dolls.... I was a Tom Boy. Even then!
But instead, all my baby dolls were sick little patients!
I pulled out my dresser drawers to make little beds for them all!!
This one had a broken arm.... That one had the bubonic plague....
One even was in an iron lung.... 
which was a can my Mother took both ends off from!

3. If you won a million dollars (after taxes) what would you do?
Give it away after I took care of my very basic needs.
I've seen "big money" ruin people in a "big way!"
Not that money is "wrong...." 
It can just amplify the person's problems
Without addressing the cause, or source....
Try as we might, money cannot love us back!

4. What are you most afraid of and why?
I am too dumb to be afraid of too many things!
Which sometimes backfires, 
and makes me feel afraid of just about anything!

Anyone reading, feel free to answer...

And thanks PJ for letting me play along!
Thanks everyone for reading!


  1. 1. 19th century, but like Anne, with modern technology and medications (antibiotics and such) ...

    2. I wanted to be President when I was very young, but was told only boys are president. So, by the time I hit middle school, I was liking astronaut. Told, again, girls don't fly in space (plumbing issues). Phooey ... after that, I just figured I'll wing it. Turned out okay so far. Secretly, I'd have been thrilled with cowgirl, make cattle runs across the plains, but I understand they do most of that by helicopter and Pick Ups now ... I wanted to ride a palomino and marry one of the Barkley boys. Is that a career choice?

    3. After taking care of our immediate needs, I'd take care of about 10 college tuitions, pay off a few mortgages for some family, and invest the rest (if there was anything left over ... have you seen the cost of college tuition these days?!!)

    4. You mean, aside from being asked that question? (wink) Hmmmm ... having my nude airport scanner picture make national news. Why? Um ... hello?

  2. When I was young (and well into my twenties), I wanted to be a Broadway star a la the fabulous Patti LuPone. That didn't happen. Instead, I'm a fabulous law librarian.

    I feel the same way about living in the 19th century... but like Ann said, technology and medicine make us fortunate now.

  3. I have a big family and the ones in Cuba are always in need, plus I have a couple African sponsored kids and another three global families we help out. So that million would be mighty handy!!!!! I wish I'd had a clear vision of what I wanted to be since childhood. My interests have been so diverse I was a ditherer in college....and still dither. I'm hopeless. But, thank God, still happy.

    I would have loved to play dolls with you. I bet you were as delightful a kid as you are a ''ahem''' mature lady...

  4. Cuba? Oh, Princess, I had THE BEST Cuban sandwich while in Florida earlier this year. Is that really Cuban in origin, or just named that? If I lived in Florida and had access to some of those dishes, I'd have started this diet at 607 lbs. Sheesh! THAT is good eating ...

  5. Interesting and GREAT answers!! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. a million dollars.... hummmm shoes, purses, coats, jewlery, cars .... yep I am a material girl :P

  7. Ok, here are my answers!
    1) Late 19th Century, Early 20th Century. I would have loved to have seen the beginnings of the many technologies we have today.
    2) A teacher. All my dolls were students in my classroom - blackboard, books and all!
    3) No one I love would have a mortgage, would pay school tuition, or would have a car loan - after our immediate needs, the rest would go to charity.
    4) I am most afraid of big furry spiders - gross little creatures.... ewwwwwwwwwww!!

  8. chiming in:

    1. the victorian era, or maybe pre-christian times. I think Id like a time machine so I could sample lots of times THEN decide heheh.
    2. an artist. Somehow I ended up needing to be the breadwinner when my son was a toddler, and that landed me in the computer industry. Im still artistic and creative, but its been stunted! Somehow Im now married to my wonderful artist hubs (paints, sculpts, draws, tattoos for a living!) and its rubbing off on me.
    3. Take care of housing/transportation needs for my immediate family, help out my mom, dad, brothers--whoever I could after that and then donate a bunch, not to charities but just prolly random people I met in my wanderings.
    4. I dont much like fire. Or maybe sinking in a submarine, or serial killers. :-D

  9. I have to admit I have fears of falling on the ice or through the ice. So, I stay off the ice in frozen lakes and wear those little things on my shoes so I do not fall.

  10. Thanks for responding to the tag, Anne! I wondered what you'd say and am not surprised at your answers. Love the doll in the iron lung... too amazing for a child! Do you see how unusual it is to have an early, childhood vision or calling and stick with it for your working years? VERY!


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